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Tourism Objects Opened, People Don’t Be Careless. Keep Applying Prokes – Bali Travel News

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Following up on the Circular Letter of the Governor of Bali No. 15 of 2021, in particular point number 2 which states that Natural, Cultural, Artificial, Spiritual, and Tourism Tourist Attractions (DTW) will be tested and opened with a maximum visitor capacity of 50 percent by implementing very strict health protocols and using Application ‘Care to Protect. Klungkung Regent I Nyoman Suwirta symbolically opened several tourism objects in Klungkung Regency, on Wednesday (15/9).
Regarding the opening of tourism destinations and public facilities, the Regent of Suwirta advised that tourism actors and tourists as well as the community around tourism objects and public facilities should not be careless, let alone welcome this by doing excessive euphoria, because we do not know when this pandemic will end and always apply the Covid-19 Prokes, and use the PeduliLindung application when visiting tourist attractions and public places in Bali. Always wear masks, double masks to stop the spread of the Delta variant, always wash your hands and stay away from crowds. This is a very elementary thing to keep away from the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Don’t be careless about the opening of tourism objects and public facilities in Klungkung Regency, let’s together increase the implementation of the Covid-19 Prokes, and use the Care Protect Application when visiting tourism destinations and public places,” he said.
“Let’s raise awareness together about the importance of implementing the Covid-19 Health Protocol, because with this, it is a must that makes the world’s trust, tourists’ trust in the tourism objects that we have will be better maintained,” added the Regent Suwirta.
Regent Suwirta assigned Satpol PP and Task Force to monitor to avoid crowds or crowds of visitors. “Once again, do not be careless,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Head of the Anak Agung Gede Putra Wedana Tourism Office said that this opening had followed the provisions of the applicable Covid-19 Prokes.
“We have prepared facilities for supporting the Covid-19 Prokes at Tourism Objects in Klungkung Regency, such as hand washing facilities, hand sanitizers, including registering Klungkung tourism objects in the PeduliLindung application,” said Putra Wedana.
He added that tourism objects in Goa Lawah are currently waiting for the verification results from the Provincial Government. Domestic tourists can enter the tourist attraction after scanning the QR Code provided at the entrance of the tourist attraction and bringing a card stating that they have vaccinated. Meanwhile, for foreign tourists if they want to enter a tourist attraction in Klungkung Regency, they can provide evidence that they have carried out vaccinations and are in good health.
Regarding tourist attractions in Nusa Penida, Adi said there are some objects that cannot be installed with QR Codes because there are problems with the signal, such as Atuh Beach, Tembeling tourism objects and others. The opening of tourism destinations is carried out by releasing police lines at tourist objects and public facilities in Klungkung District, (BTN/pal).

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