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The Traditional Village of Pesinggahan Fortify Themselves from the Dangers of Drugs – Bali Travel News

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This one issue must be addressed seriously and comprehensively. Drug eradication must be done collectively. In fact, to the traditional village. The importance of the role of traditional villages in Bali is now starting to be taken more seriously with the establishment of awig-awig which regulates the younger generation in traditional villages so as not to fall into the dangers of drug abuse. Like the Pesinggahan Traditional Village, Dawan District, Klungkung, the Pesinggahan Traditional Village Prajuru began the idea to enter the awig-awig traditional village.

Bendesa Adat Pesinggahan I Wayan Sujana, Wednesday (15/9) said the pecalang had previously been confirmed as Anti-Drug Volunteers. This of course must be followed by a description of the duties and protection, so that implementation in each traditional village becomes clearer. Traditional villages certainly fully support the government’s efforts to eradicate drug abuse. That support is currently being translated into awig about drug abuse.

“We are still revising the awig of this drug. This will be included in awig. Currently only in the form of a chart. The contents are still being discussed at the meeting. This is not final yet,” said Sujana.

Efforts to regulate drug issues into awig-awig in traditional villages, said Sujana, are based on traditional village efforts to protect or fortify the future of the younger generation from the dangers of drug abuse. In addition, there is also encouragement from the local government, the police and the Klungkung BNNK (Regency National Narcotics Agency), so that the traditional villages in Klungkung regulate more specifically about anticipating the dangers of these drugs into the traditional village awig-awig.

The Regent of Klungkung Nyoman Suwirta said that in order to achieve a drug-free Indonesia, resilience interventions at the level of traditional villages and families need to be carried out and strengthened so that they are protected from the dangers of drugs. The family is the front bulwark in the fight against the dangers of drugs. “The dangers of this drug, of course, we have to anticipate together from an early age. The role of traditional villages must continue to be strengthened by nature providing understanding to the younger generation so that they do not fall into the trap,” said Regent Suwirta when he was a resource person for the Inauguration of Anti-Drug Volunteers at the Pesinggahan Village Hall.

Regent Suwirta also requested that anti-drug education for families need to be improved, in which there are children who must be protected so that they do not get exposed to drug problems.

Meanwhile, the Head of BNNK Klungkung, I Made Pastika, said that the efforts of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) in realizing a Clean Indonesia from Drugs (Indonesia Shining) were not only focused on eradicating and disclosing cases. BNN is also aggressively making prevention efforts by strengthening family resilience from the dangers of drugs. He also asked anti-drug volunteers to maintain their commitment to eradicating drug trafficking from all walks of life, from agencies, young generations, and families.

“Through this activity, we are able to increase the resilience of families and communities from the threat of drug abuse,” said Made Pastika. (gik)

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