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Recommended Cheerful Camping in the Bogor Pine Forest, Try Curug Batu Gede Puncak

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Enjoying nature can be done in many exciting ways, one of which is cheerful camping. This activity is not like climbing high mountains and then building a tent.

This weekend I chose Curug Batu Gede Cisuren, Puncak (Bogor). We are very lucky because this area has many tents that are ready to use and equipped with pillows, mattresses and blankets.

The concept is similar to glamping (glamorous camping). As usual, travelers can reach it by using Google Maps.

On a cloudy afternoon, we started our tour from South Jakarta by riding two motorbikes for four people. The route chosen is the Sentul route.

When entering Jalan Raya Sentul, heavy rain greeted. Raincoats sheltered us when we arrived at Bojong Koneng and then we had dinner at a pecel catfish stall to fill our rumbling stomachs.

The night sky grew darker. There is not much street lighting. Motorcycle spotlights are our guide. Getting lost is common. We have to enjoy it.

There were no humans other than us but the electronic map asked to continue walking straight through the forest in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly several young men greeted him in a friendly manner and intended to accompany them to Jalan Raya Puncak.

We are not calm. Sure enough, they’re kind of village bullies. A car passed and the owner was willing to take us to Gadog. WL.

Exactly at 10 pm arrived at Curug Batu Gede Cisuren, after drama many times at several points. The location of this camping ground passes through various luxury villas in the Cisarua area with winding and uphill access.

It turns out that this area is a very beautiful and cool pine forest. We have booked through a hotel booking service application for Rp. 325,000 for a dome tent with a capacity of 8 people complete with bedding, a public bathroom, and a communal kitchen.

After registering and leaving the tired two-wheeler, we were escorted by a site guard. The distance from the counter to the tent area is still quite far, about 15 minutes climbing many stairs made of tree trunks.

The remaining energy is still there to achieve the goal. Can’t wait to lay down, we hastened the pace. This camping area also provides land to set up a private tent.

If you want to feel the sensation of sleeping in a homestay in the middle of the forest, they provide a Wood Cabin for 5 people and of course with complete facilities. In addition, the Triangle Cabin is enough for 4 people to be another alternative.

Both are very suitable for families who invite their beloved children to get to know nature. How cute!

Our tent is right next to the soup kitchen. Unexpectedly, the cooking utensils were adequate, such as gas stoves, pots, pans, and even dinner plates.

The public bathroom is located behind the prayer room (which is also made of a large tent) but not far from us. Almost all the tents are filled.

Even though it was getting late, the tourists were even more boisterous with singing, laughing, and chatting. We really enjoyed this atmosphere while drinking hot coffee which was finished by a friend.

A bonfire smolders in the courtyard. Small talk began to overshadow us who were cold. Don’t forget the meat and spices are cooked on a portable stove.

Snacks filled our sitting room. Faintly heard the sound of a waterfall located behind the camping area. Is this what you call being one with nature?

The sun greeted from behind the tent. The cold air still lingers. Curug Gede Cisuren faintly called out. We hurriedly walked and slipped between the tall, beautiful pines, forming a canopy to protect us from the hot sun.

Curug Batu Gede has light water flow, flowing gently from a low cliff and forming a clear pool below. Some visitors take the best pictures, others enjoy the cool water.

I did the same, not wanting to miss the opportunity. For those who want to see the beautiful panorama of Puncak, there is a road up to Bukit Bintang about 3 km away but we chose to save energy to go home later.

In my heart I pray that I can come here again and track to enjoy the green landscape from a height. After breakfast of fried noodles and sipping a hot cup of coffee, we packed up to head back to the capital.

Mind and heart are refreshed. Get ready to venture out again.

Curug Batu Gede Cisuren is like a hidden gem and a paradise for cheerful campers.

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