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IKM-UMKM to Maintain Quality to Compete – Bali Travel News

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Chairperson of the Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) of Bali Province, Ny. Putri Suastini Koster invites SMEs and SMEs in the Island of the Gods to maintain the quality of production and human resources, so that they can continue the craft of ancestral cultural heritage. This was conveyed by Mrs. Putri Koster at the opening of the Bali Rising IKM Exhibition Phase III in 2021, at the Ksirarnawa Art Center Building, Denpasar, Wednesday (15/9).

“We have to maintain the superiority of cultural heritage in the field of handicrafts by showing good production quality with attractive packaging and quality human resources, of course, so that we do not hesitate to compete with the outside world,” he explained.

In addition, so that Bali is still able to become an area that has distinctive handicrafts that can compete in the national and international arena, producers must consider the raw materials used (quality and guaranteed), how to package products before they are marketed, price tags that do not change (prices do not adjust). those who buy) and produced from the hands of craftsmen who are also qualified and have qualified artistic power.

“We have to start protecting our cultural heritage from ourselves. By buying materials from our own area, so that the characteristic colors and motifs will be easily recognized, produced by local workers, and used first by local residents from the crafters, with the intention of introducing indirectly to people outside their area directly, “said Mrs. . Koster’s daughter.

With the theme “Proud to Wear Balinese Krama” Mrs. Putri Koster invites all parties to start loving and using local production. This is so that Bali’s economic cycle will bounce back and be felt by all parties.

“Never be ashamed to be creative for the betterment of your own region. Let’s not be careless so that the works of art created by local residents are not recognized by outsiders. Maintain the creations and characteristics of weaving, metal and other handicrafts according to the characteristics of their own region, then introduce them to local residents to use before marketing out, “said Mrs. Koster’s daughter.

Head of the Bali Province Industry and Trade Office, I Wayan Jarta, before officially opening the exhibition, said that through the 2021 Bali Bangkit Phase III exhibition, it was hoped that it would provide motivation for all IKM and MSME players to get up and add to their craft creations.

“Production should not only be watched, so that it has a high selling price and is feasible to compete abroad. The more types that are produced, the limited quantity will add value to certain productions,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Director of Bank BPD Bali I Nyoman Sudharma said that in order to encourage Indonesia’s national economic recovery, in the future, financial institutions will allocate a minimum of 30% of funds for MSMEs until 2023. So that the creative economy of various types will grow optimally, such as painting, weaving. , metal and others.

The Bali Bangkit Phase III 2021 exhibition will take place from September 15 to October 14, involving 70 IKMs throughout Bali, and since Phase I a total of 300 SMEs and SMEs have been involved.

To excite the motivation and creation of IKM and MSME actors, this time Dekranasda collaborated with the PKK Mobilization Team throughout Bali, and it can be seen in addition to the production exhibition in the form of objects, you can also find a number of culinary delights from nine regencies/cities throughout Bali at the Bali Bangkit Exhibition. (BTN/ery)

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