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Foreigners in Denpasar Recorded – Bali Travel News

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The Denpasar City Government (Pemkot) through the National and Political Unity Agency (Kesbangpol) conducted data collection on Foreign Citizens (WNA) living in Denpasar. This is to realize administrative compliance for foreigners who stay for a long time in Sanur, Denpasar, Tuesday (14/9). Monitoring and supervision of foreigners by involving a joint team from elements of Immigration, Police, BIN, Manpower Service led by the Head of Conflict Handling and Vigilance of the Denpasar City Kesbangpol Gusti Ngurah Gde Arisudana.

Arisudana said that his party continues to actively monitor and supervise the presence of foreigners in Denpasar City. Monitoring begins with collecting data on the number of foreigners in the Sanur village. “In order to ensure security, political stability, unity and integrity as well as vigilance against all negative impacts arising from the presence of foreigners and foreign community organizations in Indonesian territory, it is deemed necessary to carry out targeted, coordinated, and sustainable monitoring,” he said.

The presence of foreigners in Denpasar City is not all disciplined to obey the rules. For this reason, supervision of foreigners involves an integrated team starting from the Immigration, police, Civil Service Office, BIN, Licensing Service, Manpower Service and the Protocol and Communications Section of the Leaders. Supervision of foreigners has been stated in Law 23 of 2014 concerning regional governments that are given the authority to carry out supervision which has also been stated in the Permendagari and Mayoral Decrees. In addition, it also refers to Law no. 6 of 2011 concerning immigration.

After the data collection process, the joint team of foreigner surveillance will return to the field. This is done to ensure that the foreigner in question has the necessary completeness of data, such as a residence permit, be it a visit stay permit, a limited stay permit or a permanent residence permit. “For foreigners activities and activities in the Denpasar City area are the supervision of the local government and must comply with local government regulations, however, if there are foreigners who commit criminal acts, it is up to the police to follow up. Recommendations from the local government and the police can be a reference for the Immigration to deport foreigners who commit criminal acts,” said Arisudana.

The Sanur Village Party, I Wayan Sadi said, the number of foreigners in the Sanur Village in 2021 amounted to 571 people. With a data collection system from Kaling then submitted to the village.

The Head of the Pasekuta Environment, Nyoman Darma Jaya, added that in his region the number of foreigners was 48 people in 2021. So far, his party has routinely carried out data collection so that they can supervise foreigners in their area. However, there are still foreigners who are less cooperative. The nature of the closedness of foreigners who do not want to be recorded, except when they require administrative services for extending a residence permit or other needs as an obstacle that is often faced in the field. (BTN/bud)

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