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Cianjur Tourism which is in the Middle of Heating First

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Cianjur currently imposes a 25 percent quota per tourist destination. The district government wants to hold back the flow of tourists, even though the quota can be higher at PPKM Level 2.

“Let’s warm up first. Nature tourism is again inn, in Cidaun there is a cypress forest park on the beach. It’s simple but the enthusiasm is extraordinary because we have a population of about 2.5 million,” said Cianjur Regent Herman Suherman to detik.com.

“So there is no need to bring in tourists from outside. Many BUMDes make nice places, although not luxurious, but healthy and comfortable,” he said.

Cianjur Regency, West Java itself failed to go down to PPKM level 1. Because the central government included COVID-19 vaccination achievements as an indicator of the PPKM level assessment.

Herman said Cianjur should have dropped from PPKM level 2 to level 1, considering in recent weeks to suppress the rate of spread of COVID-19 cases.

According to him, currently the findings of new cases are only about 70 cases per week, from previously reaching hundreds of cases every week.

In addition, the death toll in the last four weeks is zero. Not only that, the occupancy rate of isolation places in hospitals is also very low.

“In the peak phase yesterday, the first new cases of the week could be above 600 cases. Then it gradually decreased, and now only 70 cases per week,” said Herman

Even for tracing, from 30 thousand tests carried out this week, the positive rate is only 0.5 percent. “We have also done tracing and tracking, with a positive rate of 0.5 percent,” he said.

Unfortunately, with this decline, Cianjur was hampered from being able to go down to level 1 because the central government included indicators of vaccination achievement.

To be able to go down from level 3 to level 2, the vaccination achievement must be at 50 percent for the first dose and 40 percent for the second vaccination. Meanwhile, to be able to go down from level 2 to level 1, the vaccination achievement must be at 70 percent of the first dose and 60 percent for the elderly target.

Meanwhile, Cianjur’s current COVID-19 vaccination achievement has only reached 16.15 percent or only around 309,611 people from the target of 1.9 million people.

“The new indicators have prevented Cianjur from going down to level 1, even though other indicators have allowed us to go down,” he said.

“But I’m still grateful, because the most important thing is that COVID-19 cases have decreased, the spread can also be suppressed. Cianjur residents are healthy. While we are also trying to catch up with vaccination achievements,” he added.

Cianjur along with other areas in West Java such as Kuningan, Sukabumi, Pangandaran, Majalengka, Banjar City, Karawang, Indramayu, Ciamis, Subang, Garut entered level 2.

While the areas in West Java that enter level 3 are:
Sukabumi City
Cirebon City
Bogor city
Bekasi city
Tasikmalaya Regency
Tasikmalaya City
Depok City
Cimahi City
Bogor Regency
Bekasi Regency
West Bandung Regency
Bandung district
Sumedang Regency

While Level 4:
Cirebon Regency
Purwakarta Regency

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