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Bali Drops to Level 3, Tourism Actors Still Expect International Borders to Open – Bali Travel News

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Bali now holds level 3 in the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM). Previously, the policy of the Provincial Government of Bali also provided trials for the opening of natural, cultural, artificial, spiritual, tourist attractions and tourist villages with a maximum visitor capacity of 50 percent. This is encouraging news, but there are no signs of opening international borders. “I am very happy with the news that PPKM is now at level 3 and has several trials such as malls, shopping centers and also tourist attractions,” said General Manager (GM) of THE HAVEN SUITES Bali Berawa, Bogank Septiyadi, Wednesday (15/9).

Malls, shopping centers and tourist attractions are starting to reopen, of course with the implementation of the Health Protocol (Prokes) that must be followed. “I hope that international borders will also be tested for opening first with strict regulations and procedures. Thus, the possibility of tourism can begin to slowly bounce back. Hopefully the new variant of the “MU” corona virus does not enter Indonesia, so that the tourism sector can start pioneering again from scratch,” he hoped.

Bogank asked for the support of the entire community to always maintain health, carry out 3T (Testing, Tracing and Treatment), so that it can detect the corona virus early and also accelerate vaccination in the community and all sectors in Bali. He hopes that the government can provide special incentives, such as tax exemptions for affected sectors and also small communities in particular. “One of the biggest sectors in Bali is the tourism sector, hopefully the government can provide special assistance for tourism actors. I hope someone who wants to travel to other areas, such as a Swab or Rapid test, is free by the government. That way it can make it easier for people to visit and turn the wheels of the economy in Indonesia in particular,” he said.

GM Panorama Bali, Carla Roosen thanked the Bali Provincial Government for lowering PPKM to Level 3. The hard efforts of Bali’s hospitality leaders have resulted in a decrease from level 4 to level 3, so now tour operators are preparing to carry out government protocols to welcome the new normal. . This protocol will prioritize cleanliness, health and safety. “There is no other choice at this time, I am very optimistic that all can be friends with Covid-19, but controls and procedures must be carried out strictly together with all tourism and creative economy stakeholders in Bali after the vaccination has been successfully carried out,” he explained.

However, continued Carla Roosen, there is no certainty from the government regarding the decision to open the door to international tourism. Currently, all outbound and inbound tour operators urgently need a “Road map” certainty. Where described in the roadmap are the requirements that will be applied to foreign tourists who will come to visit Indonesia. “This roadmap is very important and must be announced immediately because we need time to disseminate this information to all our employees and also to our overseas agent partners,” he said.

All of that takes time. Now the government has announced that it will prioritize the “high end tourism” program. Even though the program should have been socialized first and detailed information on the definition of High End Tourism, what is it and what is it like? High end tourism which will be good for quality Bali tourism that is more concerned with nature and culture (sustainable tourism). “This should be implemented at all levels of tourism actors. If this program will only be executed at the level of “rich” people, it is likely that in the future the island of Bali will soon be full of villas,” he said.

Bali tourism should focus more on the unique selling points of Bali tourism, namely culture, nature, friendly people and cuisine. “In Bali, there are enough buildings, enough nature has been destroyed because of human activities. Right now, we in Bali should return to the original Bali, as I described earlier,” he said.

Hotel Manager FRii Bali Echo Beach, Moh. Hasan Bisri Hasan Bisri also welcomed the decline in the PPKM level for Bali, as well as the opening of Tourist Attractions. This indicates success for all elements involved in handling the pandemic in Bali. “We hope that by reducing PPKM to Level 3 for Bali, it can increase tourist visits to the island of Bali. Moreover, with the conditions that travel has been greatly facilitated and the cost of testing is also much more affordable by the government,” he said.

The kale mini man then said that he still hopes for the opening of international borders in accordance with what Minister Luhut has conveyed, namely when Bali is at level 2. Therefore, as a community living in Bali, don’t be careless to maintain the progress. “Regarding the news of the MU variant in Malaysia, I hope it doesn’t reach Indonesia. Because this should have been detected earlier for prevention, because one of the requirements for international travel from abroad must be full vaccination and 3X PCR. There should be no problem for tourist arrivals when the international border for Bali is opened,” he concluded hopefully. (BTN/bud)

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