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These 5 Local Products Are Interested In Abroad, From Chocolate to Tempe

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Indonesia is often known as a super delicious culinary paradise. Interestingly, now there are many culinary products produced by SMEs #DiIndonesiaAja that are in great demand abroad.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno also hopes that the progress of the culinary sector can encourage Indonesia’s progress, including creating jobs.

“We hope that this revival, especially in the culinary sub-sector, can open up job opportunities for people in need,” he said as quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Therefore, Sandiaga also invites the community to support the progress of local products with #BeliKreatifLokal, as well as follow Instagram @pesonaid_travel to find out information about culinary and tourism in Indonesia. Don’t miss out on joining PUKIS (Enchantment of a Quiz) Edition 1 and win attractive prizes. The method is easy, just follow Pesona Indonesia’s Instagram account, like the latest PUKIS post, answer questions in the comments column and mention 3 friends in the caption.

“I fully support various initiatives that can advance local brands to continue to grow and strengthen each other. By continuing to prioritize innovation and collaboration strategies,” he said.

Curious about Indonesian cuisine that has succeeded worldwide? The following are five culinary MSME products that are also in demand in foreign countries.

1. Chocodot


Have you ever tasted the combination of chocolate and dodol? If not, you can try various products from Chocodot. This typical culinary from Garut, West Java has become a local chocolate brand that is favored by the people of Indonesia.

Uniquely, Chocodot has a variety of unusual chocolate variants, ranging from light mate chocolate, stress medicine chocolate to prevent alay chocolate. About taste, Chocodot has 3 types of taste, namely, milk, soft and dark. The uniqueness of this taste and variant has also succeeded in bringing Chocodot to penetrate the markets of Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

2. Five Fields

MSME Productsdock. Five Fields

In addition to delicious culinary delights, Indonesia also has healthy culinary delights that are successful worldwide. One of them is a variety of flour products, cookies, and pasta belonging to Ladang Lima. Made from cassava as the basic ingredient, all Ladang Lima products are gluten-free so they are good for consumption by people with obesity and digestive disorders. Although made from cassava, Ladang Lima products have a delicious taste. No wonder this one culinary can penetrate the markets of Malaysia, Australia, to the United States.

3. Rendang Uninam

MSME ProductsInstagram/rendang_uninam

Who is not tempted by the delicacy of rendang? This one food is indeed a favorite of many people, including people in foreign countries. The delicious beef combined with the typical Minang spices is indeed able to shake the tongue. One of the local MSMEs, Rendang Uninam, even managed to bring the taste of rendang to foreign countries from Malaysia to France. Uniquely, Rendang Uninam presents processed rendang that is durable and long-lasting, such as shredded rendang, mushroom rendang, and anchovy rendang.

4. Sambal Dowhere

MSME ProductsInstagram/sambaldowhere

Besides rendang, sambal is also a mainstay of Indonesian food. In fact, many people feel incomplete eating food without chili sauce. So delicious, Indonesian chili sauce has also become famous in foreign countries, such as Sambal Dowhere’s variety of chili sauce. Through the preparation of Indonesian-style chili sauce, Sambal Dowhere has been serving overseas shipments and supporting the Indonesian national movement Spice Up The World.

5. Tempe Krezi

MSME ProductsInstagram/tempekrezi

The delicious processed tempeh chips belonging to Tempe Krezi are also in demand by people abroad, including the United States. From the basic ingredients of tempeh, this UMKM from West Java has succeeded in innovating tempe chips with unique flavors such as cheese, balado, to super spicy. In addition to chips, Tempe Krezi also presents krezi powder which is suitable to be used as a food complement.

Those are the five local Indonesian culinary products that have succeeded worldwide. Come on, support the progress of local products with #BeliKreatifLokal from creative actors and MSMEs in Indonesia. This is one of the efforts to encourage economic recovery. Also apply the 6M health protocol, namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap and running water, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, limiting mobility, and avoiding eating together.

Immediately vaccinate at the nearest health facility or vaccination center. Given these two things are the first steps to overcome the pandemic.

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