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PPKM Level 4 Still Continuing, Hotel Managers Just Waiting for “Close” Time – Bali Travel News

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The trial of the opening of natural, cultural, artificial, spiritual, and tourist tourist attractions (DTW) has become very exciting news for DTW managers in Bali. Then, what about the fate of hotel managers? The implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) for all regencies and cities in Bali is still at Level 4 status, so there are no signs of tourist movement to the island of Bali. “The impact of PPKM Level 4 on our hotel management is very worrying. I think it’s the same as other hotels,” said Resort Manager Pramana Swan Keramas Village, I Nyoman Redana, Monday (13/9).

Nyoman Redana admitted that he was confused by Bali’s level 4 status, which did not go down. All districts and cities in Bali are still level 4, and that is very sad and unfortunate news. From the beginning of the pandemic, the central government greatly appreciated the handling of Covid-19 on the basis of Traditional Villages, even at the last PPKM the Governor of Bali received a certificate of appreciation as one of the best areas for handling the pandemic in Indonesia.

Therefore, all parties really appreciate the Balinese people comply with the appeals from the government, both central and regional by always implementing the Health Protocol (Prokes). However, news has come that Bali is still in PPKM level 4 because the death ratio is very high. While on the other hand, there is news that says that one of the patients who was declared cured was actually included in the patient who died. “This data is confusing. I think things like this need to be corrected by the local government immediately, so that the data can be more accurate and valid. Especially with the assistance from the central government for data recording,” he said.

As a tourism person, Nyoman Redana hopes that, with the death of Bali tourism which has been going on for two years, the local government of Bali in particular must dare to take appropriate and measurable actions and policies, because almost 80% of Bali’s economy is highly dependent on tourism. “There is a saying that says “if you don’t try, you won’t know”. Of course all policies will have risks. We can also not only fixate on the issue of the pandemic, but people scream to fill their stomachs without any equal assistance,” he said.

People in Bali have been vaccinated 90% and now maybe tourism actors have been vaccinated 100%. The implementation of the process is carried out strictly, then what is there to worry about. “If Jakarta can be used as a quarantine place for Indonesian citizens (WNI) or foreign nationals (WNA) who come from abroad, why not Bali? The only way to save Bali at this time is domestic or international airports must be opened immediately with the implementation of strict procedures, and can start from countries that are declared low risk, “he explained.

This energetic man admitted that the resort he manages has around 50 staff, most of whom are local residents who only work 7 to 10 days a month because the occupancy rate is still very minimal. Various efforts have also been made to attract guests to stay in the villa which is usually crowded on weekends only. Call it by launching a staycation, day use package, birthday packages and family gathering packages. However, all of these efforts failed because they were blocked by PPKM Level 4 which was still firmly perched. “If the government does not immediately take appropriate and measured measures and policies, I think we are just waiting for the time to close as well,” he said resignedly.

Pramana Desa Swan Keramas has 25 private villa units with a total of 75 rooms. Each villa unit, ranging from one bedroom villa to four bedroom villa is equipped with a private pool, a large garden, living room and kitchenette with very strict procedures. All guests who stay at this villa feel comfortable and safe. “The proof is, when Bali was still high in the spread of Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic, our villa was recommended as a place for self-quarantine,” he said. (BTN/bud)

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