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Location in the Forest, Care to Protect in White Crater Constrained by Network

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The use of the PeduliLindung application in Kawah Putih is still constrained by the signal network. The reason is the position of this tourist spot is in the forest.

Kawah Putih and Glamping Lakeside have started implementing a barcode or QR code system that is connected to the PeduliLindung application. This trial step is expected to be able to provide tourist attractions readiness to adapt to COVID-19.

From monitoring detik.com at Kawah Putih on Sunday (12/9/2022), every tourist who will enter tourist attractions will first scan the barcode provided by the tour manager. The barcode is directly connected to the account of the tour manager.

Then, the manager can see the status of the tourist. There are four programmed colors, namely, green, yellow, red and black. Green and yellow are information for tourists who have been vaccinated, while red for those who have not been vaccinated and black are those who are positive for COVID-19.

Those with green and yellow status will be allowed to enter tourist attractions. However, for the red and black will be prohibited from entering. If you insist on going to a tourist location, those who are positive for COVID-19 will be immediately taken to centralized isolation.

“Good afternoon sir, have you all been vaccinated in this car?” said one of the officers at the Kawah Putih post.

While carrying a sheet of paper containing a barcode, the barcode is directed at the visitor’s cellphone. After the status is yellow and green, then tourists can enter tourist attractions.

“Currently there are around 250 visitors who have just come here since the implementation, they must scan the barcode,” said the White Crater Site Manager, Ari Kurniawan to detik.com, Sunday (12/9/2021).

Ari said, still finding obstacles from using the application. This hinders vehicles that will enter tourist sites. Not infrequently, there are tourists who have not downloaded the application.

“For the application itself, there are problems on the network, because we are in the forest, first there is trouble login, maybe this is an evaluation material as well. There are also people who do not have cellphones, so they can only show vaccine certificates,” said Ari.

Then, in addition to the application, there are rules regarding not being allowed to bring in children 12 years and under. Ari said, there are still many tourists who don’t know about the regulation.

Finally, his party gave two options, turning around or being able to ride the crater parking lot but not getting out of the car approaching the crater. Ari said, many of the tourists were forced to be turned around.

“Today there are 50 percent of visitors to Kawah Putih turning back,” he said.

Other parties, such as the manager of Glamping Lakeside, have started to install barcodes at a number of points. In addition to implementing the application, a number of visitors are also required to comply with health protocols when on the rides provided there.

“Continuing to maintain health, basically everyone is maintaining health, the most important thing is even if you have a vaccine, if the health protocol is not maintained, it’s still the case,” said Glamping Lakeside Manager Marcelinus.

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