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Exemplary Veterans Influence in Building a Quality Nation – Bali Travel News

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The role of the veteran legion is very much needed in terms of nationalism education, especially in the family sphere. Various developments in society really need the attention, thoughts and input of people who have experience. “The example of veterans in the community is very influential in building a quality nation,” said Badung Regional Secretary (Sekda) I Wayan Adi Arnawa when opening the 11th Branch Conference (Muscab), Republic of Indonesia Veterans Legion (LVRI) Badung Regency 2021 in Evening Village Office, Monday (13/9).

In the past, veterans struggled to use the physical at the expense of body and soul. However, now in fulfilling our independence, we must be able to face all the challenges that hinder the pace of development. One of them is the mental challenge with the rampant circulation of drugs, including the challenge of facing the current Covid-19 outbreak. “We must remain enthusiastic and make veterans’ experiences as role models for future generations, especially in fulfilling independence,” he said.

He hopes to all veteran members, keep the spirit to continue to serve the community, nation and country. “Believe me, the spirit, experience and hard work of veterans are still very much needed as a guide for all of us to bring this nation and country to a better direction,” he pleaded, hoping that the LVRI Muscab activity could run smoothly according to the expectations and plans that had been set.

Head of Interim LVRI Badung I Gst. Ngr. Sandiartha reported that the existence of veterans who were formed based on Presidential Decree no. 103 of 1957 and stipulated by Law no. 15 of 2012 until now has not had permanent and definite personnel. The current management of LVRI Badung’s DPC is an interim management because the definitive management, both the chairman and several other administrators have died. Management will continue with the interim board until 2021.

The number of veteran members in Badung consists of 696 combat veterans, 62 defender veterans and 8 peace veterans. He expressed his gratitude to the Badung Regent for providing the Badung LVRI Secretariat in the Dalung area. However, his party also asked for financial support so that the LVRI work program can be carried out properly.

The chairman of the Bali Province LVRI DPD, I Gusti Bagus Saputera, explained that Muscab is the highest forum of an organization. In the deliberation there will be a refresh of the new management, work programs and other matters concerning the progress of the organization. “Veteran is a government award to citizens who have contributed to defending and defending the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia,” he explained.

The activity was attended by Danramil Evening Captain Inf. I. On that occasion, rice aid from the INTI Association was handed over to veterans and masks from the Badung Kodim. In particular, the Regional Secretary also received a book from the Chairperson of the LVRI Bali DPD. (BTN/bud)

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