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Celebrating Prime Anniversary, PAKIS Bali Holds Blood Donation – Bali Travel News

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Celebrating its first anniversary, Pasikian Paiketan Krama Indigenous Village Wives (PAKIS) collaborated with Pasikian Pecalang and Pasikian Yowana Bali to hold a blood donation activity, Monday (13/9). The activity, which was supported by the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and the Indonesian Blood Donor Association (PDDI) in Bali, was held at the K.Nadha Press Building Wantilan and was attended by dozens of donors who had registered online or came directly to the location.
Manggala (Daily Chair) PAKIS Bali TIA. Kusuma Wardhani, who directly observed the implementation of the blood donation, said that this humanitarian activity was carried out in order to celebrate the one-year momentum of the existence of PAKIS Bali, Pasikian Yowana and Pasikian Pecalang Bali. Through this activity, his party wants to make a contribution in the health sector. Because as is known, in the midst of a pandemic situation, many people need blood donations and have difficulty getting them.
Meanwhile, Head of the Bali Province Indigenous Peoples Promotion Agency (PMA), I Gusti Agung Ketut Kartika Jaya Seputra, said that the activity initiated by PAKIS Bali in collaboration with Pasikian Pecalang and Yowana Bali deserves appreciation. He said that blood donation is a noble humanitarian action.
Because a drop of donated blood will be greatly felt by those in need. He hopes that in the future such activities can be carried out by PAKIS Bali and other community organizations to assist the government in health promotion programs. On that occasion, the Head of PMA also mentioned the Covid-19 pandemic situation that is currently still being faced by the world community, including the Bali Region. Although the development of Covid-19 so far has shown signs of sloping, he still reminded the public to remain disciplined in implementing health protocols.
Appreciation for this activity was also conveyed by the Baga Creativity and Economics of Pasikian Yowana Bali Made Rian Dwi Ananda. Mentioned by him, the spirit shown by the women who are members of the PAKIS forum should be followed by the younger generation.
In another part, the Chairman of PDDI Bali, Ketut Pringgaantara, expressed his gratitude for the example shown by PAKIS Bali. He said, this activity really helped PMI and PDDI Bali in collecting blood stocks which were somewhat constrained in the midst of the pandemic situation. “The need for blood is increasing, ideally we should collect 160 bags every day. But on the other hand, many are afraid to visit health facilities so that donor activities are hampered,” he said.
Therefore, blood donation activities facilitated by community organizations or institutions such as PAKIS are very beneficial. On that occasion, he tapped the community’s sense of concern to donate a drop of blood which is certainly very beneficial for those who are struggling to recover from illness. As a form of appreciation and gratitude, PMI and PDDI Bali presented certificates of appreciation to PAKIS, Pasikian Yowana and Pecalang Bali. PAKIS Bali provided gifts in the form of food packages for donors who participated in the activity.(BTN/ery)

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