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Buleleng Regent Receives Award – Bali Travel News

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Along with the award for the Buleleng Regent, Perumda Tirta Hita Buleleng won the BUMD TOP for the fourth time in 2021. Meanwhile, I Made Lestariana won the BUMD TOP CEO for the second time. All the plaques and certificates of appreciation were handed over by the President Director of Perumda Tira Hita I Made Lestariana to the Regent at the Buleleng Regent’s Office, Monday (13/9).

Regent Agus Suradnyana explained that this award shows the consistent performance of Perumda Tirta Hita Buleleng as one of the Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD). Perumda Tirta Hita can maintain what was achieved in previous years. This means that this regional company is healthy. Healthy in terms of performance as well as finances. “The company can run well. Therefore rewarded with this award. Top BUMD, Top Trustees, and Top CEOs. So the president can get it, the company can get it, the coach can get it,” he explained.

There are various directions that he gave to Perumda Tirta Hita, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. Various steps must be taken by Perumda Tirta HIta so that the company remains healthy during the pandemic. One of them is efficiency. All activities that are managed to be more efficient. That way, it doesn’t burden the community. “That’s the main thing. But because this is a basic need, we have tried as much as possible so that the community is served, “said Agus Suradnyana.

Meanwhile, I Made Lestariana said various efforts were made to continue to exist during the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything refers to performance and service to the community. Performance in terms of financial, operational and Human Resources (HR) aspects. Including on the service performance side. This is always maintained to be able to get a good and healthy predicate. “According to how the assessment is carried out by BPKP and independent institutions,” he said.

What is the direction of the Regent of Buleleng as the coach remains a guide in performance. With the situation and conditions during the pandemic, it is directed to make efficient efforts from all activities. Then, efforts to maintain the smooth distribution of water because it is very much needed during the pandemic to maintain cleanliness. Perumda Tirta Hita also seeks to understand the burden of the community during the pandemic. “We have a policy of providing ten cubic meters of water for three months. There is an exemption from a fine for six months. Easing the problem of installments, during this pandemic,” added Lestariana.

This national level award organized by Top Business Magazine was received directly by the President Director of Perumda Tirta Hita Buleleng I Made Lestariana on Friday (10/9) then in Jakarta. Selection was carried out on 1100 BUMD throughout Indonesia. Of these, the best 200 BUMDs emerged that were nominated based on recommendations from associations and various channels. Furthermore, as many as 170 BUMDs participated in the assessment by a jury consisting of ten professors and various business institutions. Finally crowned 160 BUMD to receive the best award. (BTN/bud)

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