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Saturated at Home, Tourists Invade the Kaliurang Area

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The Kaliurang tourist area, Sleman is still closed during the PPKM level 3 period. However, people who come to travel.

Detikcom’s monitoring in the Tlaga Putri Kaliurang area, Sunday (12/9) from morning until noon tourists began to arrive. Both use two and four wheeled vehicles.

From the vehicle plate, tourists do not only come from Yogyakarta. However, there are also those from Central Java, such as the Klaten and Semarang areas.

Several jeeps also seem to have been back and forth transporting tourists. While some other tourists buy peanuts to feed the monkeys that descend.

One of the residents, Yanto (51) said the Tlogo Putri tourist area has been crowded since the last 2 weeks. Especially crowded on weekends.

“It has been busy for two weeks. There are many weekends, although there are also weekdays,” said Yanto when met by reporters, Sunday (12/9/2021).

The Kaliurang area is being invaded by tourists. Photo: (Far Hari Wawan S/Bali Tourism)

He said, so far Tlogo Putri tourism is still closed. However, only the culinary area has opened. There is no charge for retribution.

“Yes, it’s actually against the rules. But people also need to eat. This is the only culinary area that is open and there are several jeeps,” he explained.

“Actually, this is also forced. Because to eat too. Meanwhile, other people are bored at home,” he added.

Kaliurang area is invaded by touristsThe Kaliurang area is being invaded by tourists. Photo: (Far Hari Wawan S/Bali Tourism)

So far, the entertainment of the people who come to Tlogo Putri is only culinary. In addition, many tourists also feed the monkeys.

“The only entertainment is feeding the monkeys. Usually in the morning and evening,” he said.

During the PPKM level 3 period, said Yanto, many tourists came from outside the region. Including many motorcycle clubs that stop by.

“Many of those plates are from outside the area. Semarang, that B plate. There are also many motorbikes. Yesterday the RX King community was also busy here,” he said.

One of the tourists, Anindita (20), a resident of Magelang who came with her friends, admitted that she traveled to get rid of fatigue. Although he is aware that tourism in Sleman is still closed.

“Tired at home. This is looking for a mountain atmosphere, but the gate doesn’t close,” said Anin.

Previously, the central government had just given the green light for a trial opening at the Ratu Boko Temple tourist destination, Kapanewon Prambanan, Sleman Regency. Meanwhile, other tourism objects in Sleman are still closed.

Regarding other tours that are still closed, Sleman Regent Kustini Sri Purnomo asked to be a little patient. The reason is that if this trial is successful and the PPKM level in Sleman can go down, the impact will be that more tours will be allowed to open.

“If this is successful and our level can go down to level 2, other tours will be opened,” Kustini told reporters, Wednesday (8/9/2021).

As is known, in recent times positive cases of Corona in Sleman have decreased. The government then lowered the PPKM level from level 4 to level 3.

However, at PPKM level 3 there are only a few tourist destinations that are allowed for trials.

“So the good results this week must be improved again such as complying with the prokes to minimize the spread of the virus. So that next week our level can go down to level 2,” he said.

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