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Bantul Tourism Promoted to New York, Sandiaga: Companies Must Help

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Bantul became the representative of Indonesia who was promoted in Times Square, New York, USA. Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno considered it evidence of the company’s role in revitalizing tourism.

“Pride for Bantul can be shown in Time Square New York City by friends from the global viral blast. And it has been broadcast, one of the things that has been shown is the potential of Sabdodadi Village as a culturally independent village in Bantul,” said Bantul Regent Abdul Halim Muslih in a talk show. Update on the Growing Economic Forum in Mataraman Village, Panggungharjo Village, Kapanewon Sewon, Bantul Regency, Sunday (12/9/2021).

Halim continued, this is a trigger for the spirit of the Bantul community to continue to improve their creativity. Considering that Bantul’s tourism plan to go international must be followed by more mature readiness.

“This means that this has been opened, the eyes of the world have been opened to Bantul. It’s just a matter of how Bantul is doing, both the government and the creative community,” he said.

“This is a challenge, if going international is to be successful, you must ensure the strength and power of creativity. So this is both a challenge and an opportunity,” added Halim.

Questioning the selection of Sabdodadi Cultural Independent Village which was broadcast on New York’s Time Square, Halim admitted that the current tourism trend was turning to tourist villages. Moreover, Sabdodadi Village is well known both at home and abroad.

Please note, Sabdodadi Village is a Cultural Village as well as a Tourism Village. With the existence of a leather craft center in the village, precisely in Dusun Manding, Sabdodadi Village is getting more and more famous at home and abroad. The village is also a coastal tourist route, namely Parangtritis beach.

“One of the things that is shown is the potential of Sabdodadi Village, as a culturally independent village in Bantul. Because we want to develop tourism, not only artificial tourism but cultural tourism,” he said.

“Because the trend of the cultural tourism market is increasing, especially the upper middle class (society) are now more interested in or looking at cultural tourism objects,” added Halim.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno said that the role of companies through corporate social responsibility (CSR) is currently needed to revive the tourism sector after the COVID-19 pandemic. For that, he asked companies engaged in multimedia to help promote the tourism sector both at home and abroad.

“I believe that in the future CSR will no longer be corporate social responsibility, but social investment. So social investment will generate returns,” he said.

“Therefore, the concept must be win-win. This global viral blast is a multimedia-based company and hopefully it can raise our creative economy products,” continued Sandiaga Uno.

The owner of Viral Blast Global, Zainal Hudha Purnama, said that the reason for introducing Bantul at Time Square was to make everyone aware that the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) was ready to accept international tourists after the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, his party participates in promoting the tourism sector on the international stage.

“We want international awareness because Yogya is one of the international icons. And actually the message is to convey that Yogya has returned, we are ready to accept international tourists,” he concluded.

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