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RDT Antigen Survey in The Nusa Dua Area – Bali Travel News

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Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) through SBU The Nusa Dua, in collaboration with One Health Collaboration Center (OHCC) Udayana held a Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) Antigen Survey in The Nusa Dua area, Monday (30/8). “This RDT Antigen Survey is to create a green zone and support efforts to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in tourism areas,” said Managing Director of The Nusa Dua I Gusti Ngurah Ardita.

The survey using the antigen swab method took a sampling of 80 employees from the workforce in The Nusa Dua area. This activity lasts for the next 2 months. These respondents were selected from workers who have a risk of close contact with tourists, including frontliners, room service, restaurants, public areas and security from 12 hotels, 2 facilities and security personnel in The Nusa Dua area. “Later, in the next two months, the 80 respondents will take 4 antigen swabs,” he added.

This activity aims to screen for Covid-19 on tourism workers in Bali after the Covid-19 vaccination, assess the level of risk of Covid-19 transmission to tourism workers, assess the level of knowledge and compliance in preventing Covid-19 transmission to tourism workers in Bali and assess the effectiveness of vaccination. and the implementation of 5M against Covid-19 for tourism workers in Bali. “After the survey ends, OHCC Udayana will provide recommendations to ITDC and hotel management based on the survey results,” he added.

Ngurah Ardita emphasized that this survey would greatly help his party to monitor the spread of Covid-19 cases, as well as get useful input to support efforts to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 in The Nusa Dua area. “The implementation of this activity is also supported by BIMC Siloam Hospital Nusa Dua,” he added.

Head of OHCC Udayana Dr.dr. Ni Nyoman Sri Budayanti, Sp.MK(K) said this survey was conducted as a form of support for the government’s program to break the chain of Covid-19 spread in tourism businesses. The tourism sector is one of the vulnerable points for the spread of Covid-19, especially cases with a history of domestic and foreign travel. It is feared that a prolonged pandemic will affect the level of compliance for implementing health protocols for tourism business actors. “So it is very necessary to carry out regular screening for tourism business actors, especially workers who have close contact with tourists,” he said.

This RDT Antigen Survey activity will support a number of efforts that have been made by ITDC to mitigate Covid-19 in the Nusa Dua area, such as vaccination activities, utilizing the Care Protect application and improving regional governance based on health protocols. The Nusa Dua has completed the Covid-19 vaccination program for all workers in The Nusa Dua area and for the buffer village community. The Peduli Lindung application has also begun to be used in the area by providing a Quick Response (QR) Code at each tourist location, such as hotels, restaurants and other facilities that must be scanned by every visitor. Currently 15 hotels, 6 facilities, Peninsula Island and the ITDC Office in The Nusa Dua area already have a QR Code for the Care Protect application installed at the entrance of each location. (BTN/bud)

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