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AirAsia CEO Critically Criticized, Tony Fernandes intervenes

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AirAsia Thailand CEO, Tassapon Bijleveld, cursed his female employees several times during virtual meetings. Netizens also flooded with scathing comments.

Tassapon is said to have apologized internally. However, AirAsia is still under attack from netizens.

Negative public sentiment made AirAsia Group boss, Tony Fernandes, step in. The Malaysian man admitted the wrong attitude of his subordinates.

“This is not the culture we want at AirAsia. What he did was wrong and he has apologized,” said Tony Fernandes.

And this is the spicy response from some netizens. Tassapon was deemed unfit for the leadership position until someone praised the female employee’s resilience.

“His behavior is unacceptable, disrespectful and he doesn’t deserve the CEO role,” armymummy said.

“The woman is a professional, still able to hide her expression. Or maybe because she is only a staff so there is nothing that can be done. You should be ashamed, all high-ranking officials in this meeting,” said PD MX.


In addition, there were netizens who looked at the smiles of the people who were in the AirAsia virtual meeting. The smiles of the higher-ups and staff were considered to neutralize the situation.

“I don’t think they smiled out of intimidation. If they did, they would smile right away when he was interrupted. But no, they smile afterward. Their facial expressions and movements don’t change when the swear word is spoken,” said Bumble Bee.

“You can even see Tanya frowning a bit. I think they just smiled after that to lighten up and neutralize things so they know they can’t remove or kick the disrespectful CEO.”

“See Aireen & Tony holding their heads, which can be a sign of disbelief or an “oh no” moment,” says David Gan.

There are also those who think that this moment opens ulcers at AirAsia Thailand. Otherwise, the existence of this video will be a hard blow for the airline’s management.

“This is how good employees are belittled by top management who think they know better what to respond to,” says In The Moment.

“Tassapon has to learn how to be nice. I can say that Tippayavut is a very nice person. I really hope his growth at AirAsia will surpass that of Tassapon. This rudeness from top to bottom will have a lasting effect on everyone below,” he added.

“The behavior of the CEO of AirAsia Thailand is unacceptable and so is Tony F. How there is no culture of apology and he can smile throughout the meeting. If this isn’t recorded, I bet that Tony F has no problem with it,” said Nolan Ross in follow-up comments.

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