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Tourism Sector Social Assistance Expected to be Disbursed by the End of July

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To prevent more losses and save jobs in the tourism sector such as hotels and restaurants, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will accelerate the distribution of tourism grants of Rp 2.4 trillion.

Menparekraf Sandiaga Uno is trying to get the grant funds to be disbursed by the end of July.

“This grant fund is a form of incentive so that tourism business actors are not increasingly pressured by the application of Level 4 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) rules that are valid until August 2nd. really need it,” said Sandiaga.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy hopes that this assistance can help tourism and creative economy actors, especially in the lowest sectors who need it during the extension of the Level 4 PPKM policy.

“We see that mitigation programs are in the form of accelerating our government’s incentive assistance, social assistance distributed across ministries and agencies according to the direction of our President to accelerate, and our liquidity assistance being reallocated,” said Sandiaga Uno.

So that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy can be present in the community, not only in the health aspect with the Covid-19 vaccination for 34 million creative tourism actors, the availability of medicines and vitamins, but also bringing back livelihoods for the community to the fullest.

“We are also accelerating the circulation of aid funds for tourism business actors from our target of IDR 2.4 trillion. We will complete this PEN fund with cross-ministerial and collaborative institutions such as pre-employment programs, soft loans,” said Sandiaga Uno.

Although at this time, of course, these businesses can no longer get loans, but at least they can have liquidity for business capital for both start-ups and the creative economy.

“Including government incentive assistance of Rp. 60 billion, which we are pushing as a business safety net. We will specialize in this for tourism and creative economy actors,” said Sandiaga Uno.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also continues to encourage PPKM Level 4 to accelerate CHSE (Cleanliness, Hygiene, Sanitation, and Environment) certification. This is because his party wants to restore public confidence in tourism and the creative economy and this tourist destination is safe to visit and has compliance with the 3M and 3T protocols.

“We are preparing the facilities, and this is a pattern of prokes in a new era to help the government reduce the rate of transmission of Covid-19. Vaccination is a game changer, we will continue to encourage increasing vaccinations every day towards the target set by the government of 2 million vaccinations per day,” added Sandiaga Uno.

Sandiaga Uno emphasized that the policies taken by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy continued to prioritize health and economic aspects simultaneously and in balance by prioritizing input from various aspects for the sake of Indonesia’s economic elections after Covid-19 could be controlled and subsided.

“We are ready from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to come up with policies that are pro-society, fair, right on target, right on benefit, on time, and we want to open the widest possible job opportunities in the sector that has been a source of livelihood for many Indonesian people,” concluded Sandiaga Uno. .

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