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This is the profile of the Baha’i religion that went viral after being called the Minister of Religion

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The Baha’i religion was widely discussed after the Minister of Religion Yaqut Qoumas wished you a happy Naw Ruz Day in a video. For those who don’t know, this is the profile of the Baha’i religion.

Even though it has only gone viral on social media for a few days, the Baha’i religion has been around for a long time. This religion began to develop since the 19th century, precisely in 1844 in Iran.

At that time, a man named Ali Muhammad who had the title Bab announced that he was a messenger of God. His job as a herald was to prepare another messenger of God, namely Husein Ali, who would later be called Baha’ullah.

Baha’ullah is then spread the teachings of the Baha’i religion. This spread was also continued by his eldest son named Abdul Baha and then continued by his grandson, Shogi Effendi as religious guardian.

Quoted from Nuhison M. Noah’s research entitled The Existence of the Baha’i Religion in Several Regions in Indonesia, the Baha’i religion is actually an independent and universal religion. This religion is not a part or sect of any other religion.

Furthermore, Baha’is believe that religion should be a source of peace and harmony, both in the family, society, nation and the world. Baha’is are also known as friends of all religious adherents in actively practicing their beliefs.

The Baha’i religion believes in the unity of mankind and wants to devote itself to the elimination of racial, class, and religious prejudice. Therefore, in practice, Baha’i teachings have a lot to do with social ethics which are also reflected in their rituals and worship.

The exact number of Baha’i adherents is not yet known. According to the encyclopedia Britannica in 2004, there were an estimated 7.5 million Baha’is spread across 218 countries. Meanwhile, according to the media The Economist, in 2017, the number is around 7 million people.

In Indonesia itself, Baha’i people are generally scattered in several areas such as in Pati, Malang, Palopo, and Bandung.

Baha’i Religion Teachings

Baha’i house of worship. Photo: (Getty Images)

Baha’is call God according to the name the local community believes. People may call it Allah (Arabic), God (English), or Gusti Allah (Javanese).

The Baha’i scriptures are Al-Aqdas, Al-Iqon, Loh Loh, Hidden Words, Seven Valleys and Four Valleys, Book of Ahdi, Loh Loh to Kings and Rulers on Earth, Loh to the Wolf Son, and others. In addition, there is also a book or Loh written by Abdu Baha and Shogi Efendi.

The Baha’i religion also recognizes the concept of heaven and hell after death. People who have died in this world will still live in another realm of God.

In addition, the Baha’i religion also believes in angels and demons. Angels are God’s creations who have good qualities while demons are human desires and egos.

For worship, the Baha’i religion performs rituals such as prayer, fasting, pilgrimage, and prayer. There are 3 kinds of prayer, namely short, medium, and long prayers. When praying, people face the Qibla, by first taking ablution.

Meanwhile for the big day, the Baha’i people commemorate the new year called Hari Raya Naw Ruz. On this day, all people will pray to God and stay in touch.

Baha’i place of worship

Baha'i house of worshipBaha’i house of worship. Photo: (Getty Images)

The place of worship for the Baha’is, known as the House of Worship, has a unique concept where everyone can come there to worship or pray. There are also provided various books from other religions.

However, unlike other places of worship that are used for congregational prayers, this House of Worship is not used for this, except when praying for corpses.

Generally, the Baha’i House of Worship has 9 doors which are symbols of religious diversity and unity. The nine religions are Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Baha’i, Judaism, and Zoroastrianism.

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