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Pandemic Makes D’tegal ATV Adventure Business Wheel Stop – Bali Travel News

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All responsibility. Yes, there is not much that tourist attraction managers can do during the implementation of the Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), which has now mutated into PPKM Level 3-4. All tourist attraction managers must not operate or close as a form of support in preventing the spread of Covid-19, which is said to have increased. “Since July 3, 2021, D’tegal ATV Adventure has begun to close, until there is a policy to extend the implementation of PPKM,” said one of the owners who is also the manager of D’tegal ATV Adventure, I Gede Eka Tri Ardana, Thursday (29/7).

D’tegal ATV Adventure, which is located at Gumbrih Tourism Village, Pekutatan District, Jembrana Regency, was opened when Bali began to experience the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially there were only domestic tourists, foreign tourists or local residents who took advantage of this attraction that required guts. The amount is not much, but it is enough for operational costs, without any profit. However, after the implementation of Emergency PPKM, the management of tourist objects and attractions must be closed. “Since then, we have no income at all. I have to borrow Rp 3 million for ATV maintenance costs in July,” he added.

D’Tangsi as his nickname admitted, when he opened this tourist attraction he had prepared 8 ATV units. Now, everything is stalled because it is not operating. Likewise, the food stalls that always prepare a variety of rural specialties for adventurers who can take advantage of this tourist attraction are also closed. As many as 4 employees who used to serve guests had to be sent home because there was no income during this PPKM period. Similarly, 10 members of the ATV group are unemployed, without any income from anywhere. “We hope that the government can help us 10 members of the ATV group and 4 employees for donations in the form of basic necessities, including assistance for ATV maintenance and ATV track locations,” he hoped.

D’Tangsi said, D’tegal ATV Adventure is indeed a favorite attraction, because it has a challenging track. The natural atmosphere is also very beautiful, so it can give a different experience. This tourist attraction is in great demand by tourists and local people. Saturday, Sunday and holidays are usually crowded. Moreover, Gumbrih Village, is a village rich in tourism objects and supported by beautiful mountainous geography, making it an attractive tourist spot.

The fields, diverse plantations, stunning rice fields are always interesting to enjoy. The natural beauty of this village can be enjoyed by driving around driving an ATV vehicle. Each trip is guided by a guide who provides an explanation of each object. Each driver is also equipped with complete safety equipment to create a sense of security. “D’tegal ATV Adventure has three different types of paths, namely a long track with a length of ± 4km, a medium track with a length of ± 2km, a short track with a length of ± 600 meters,” he explained. (BTN/bud)

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