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Pangandaran Beach is Empty, Missing Tourists

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The government’s policy to close the Pangandaran Beach tourist attraction due to the Covid-19 pandemic has left West Java’s leading tourist beach empty. More gloomy with cloudy skies.

Pangandaran Beach which is usually crowded by tourists is now deserted. The wheels of the economy, which used to spin fast, have now stopped. From star hotel entrepreneurs to hawkers lost their income.

The closure of Pangandaran Beach even started earlier than the implementation of the Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPM). If the Emergency PPKM starts on July 3, 2021, Pangandaran Beach will be closed since June 29, 2021. The reason is that at that time the spread of Covis-19 in Pangandaran jumped sharply.

Pangandaran Beach without tourists Photo: Faizal Amiruddin/Bali Tourism

On Wednesday (28/7/2021), the atmosphere on the east coast of Pangandaran was quiet. Cloudy weather hinders the beauty of the sunrise which is usually dramatic.

Shops and restaurants that line the east coast look closed. The sky is gray while the sea looks calm even though the waves are constantly chasing each other. The sound of the waves is more dominant because human activities around the beach are almost non-existent.

Several residents on Pangandaran Beach all expressed the same hope. They want the Corona pandemic to pass immediately and the Pangandaran tourist attraction to return to normal as usual.

The east coast area itself has been the most attractive spot to enjoy the morning atmosphere in Pangandaran. Because the view of the sea landscape and sunrise in all its beauty can be enjoyed here.

Some local residents often use this spot to exercise, whether it’s cycling or jogging. A straight beachfront track extends from the nature reserve to the Cikidang fishing port.

“Yes, I usually go jogging every morning, but unfortunately the weather is cloudy, less hot by the morning sun,” said Lusi, a local resident.

In addition, he hopes that the government will soon complete the construction of the Cikidang bridge, which is currently stalled.

“In order to be more comfortable, if possible, the bridge will be continued, so that the track can be continued to Cikidang. The construction has not been continued for a long time,” said Lusi.

Previously, Pangandaran Regent Jeje Wiradinata had not been able to open a tourist attraction in Pangandaran, because the number of Corona virus cases was still high.

“We are still PPKM level 3, the instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs for tourism is still closed. But we will see on August 2, hopefully it can be opened,” said Jeje.

He said that he is currently boosting vaccinations for the people of Pangandaran. Tourist areas also include priority locations for vaccination.

“All residents at tourist sites must be vaccinated,” said Jeje.

Jeje also said that if it were to be reopened later, the local government would be in charge of supervising the implementation of the prokes. However, he appealed to the process to be carried out independently by each tourist attraction.

“Everyone has to participate in supervising the health procedures, because if the violations continue to occur, tourism at Pangandaran Beach can be closed again. At least masks are,” said Jeje.

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