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No more white flags for Indonesian tourism, this is Sandiaga’s plan

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Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno responded to the rise of white flags at tourist attractions. This is the plan he made for the recovery of the tourism sector in Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta.

Tourist managers are busy waving white flags during the Enforcement of Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM). It became a symbol of the difficulties they experienced after the tour was closed to reduce the number of Corona virus cases.

Sandiaga also invited a virtual discussion with the Gunung Kidul Regent, Sunaryanta, with hundreds of Gunung Kidul Tourism Creative entrepreneurs on Tuesday (27/7/2021).

Sandiaga Uno hopes that tourism managers will not lose heart and remain optimistic in facing the current situation.

“Many of our brothers and sisters fly the white flag, for that we are committed to attending and preparing several programs that are right on target and have the right benefits for the perpetrators of the Gunung Kidul tourism sector,” said Sandiaga Uno.

Sandiaga appealed to creative and creative leaders to replace the white flag with Sang Saka Merah Putih as a symbol of enthusiasm and the rise of the economy from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The flags will later be produced by creative economy actors in Garut, so that they can open up business opportunities and ensure that the wheels of the economy in the creative economy sector there can continue to move,” he said.

Sandiaga Uno also said that he is currently preparing the final stage of the Tourism Grant scheme to become a BPUP.

The proposed BPUP 2021 database is obtained from BPKM data related to companies in the tourism sector registered in the Online Single Submission (OSS) and based on BPS data on the number of workers.

“For the current BIP, the stages are in progress, entering the curation of proposals. Pray that it will be completed and distributed soon,” he added.

Sandiaga Uno hopes that the tourism grant funds can be used to develop various creative tourism potentials in Gunung Kidul. Including, making one of the tourist destinations a center for COVID-19 vaccination.

“This is a smart step to help accelerate the vaccination program. We want to provide concrete solutions that can be executed for people in need, we have vaccinated from the health sector side, and we are also encouraging humanitarian and social programs,” he said.

Yes, after the government announced the extension of the Emergency PPKM level 4 to August 2, 2021, the manager of the Pindul Cave tourist destination declared surrender and raised the white flag.

They hope that the government will provide relaxation for tourism and creative business actors by tightening health protocols.

According to data from the Pindul Cave Area Manager, before the pandemic, the tourist destination, which was popular with its cave tours, was visited by 300,000 visitors. In Gunungkidul, there are at least 2,005 tourism business units.

However, since the Covid-19 outbreak, or to be precise in March 2020, the number of visitors has continued to decline drastically to reach 10 percent of the number of tourist visits in 2019.

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