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Managing Sustainable Tourism during a Pandemic – Bali Travel News

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Maintaining and managing sustainable tourism during a pandemic is a challenge. If you take the wrong strategy, it will not produce anything, maybe even Bali tourism will be swallowed up by memories. “I think there needs to be a commitment from tourism stakeholders to convey their perceptions first, before Bali is open border. Don’t get the impression that Bali is on sale, like hotcakes without a clear purpose. So, tourism stakeholders must understand and know the grand design of Bali Tourism. Don’t lose your way and use this Covid-19 moment as an opportunity for inter-option of Bali Tourism,” said the Regional Manager (PD) of the Bali Province FSPPAR-SPSI, General Treasurer, I Gusti Ayu Ketut Budiasih.

This is very important so that the Balinese Taksu does not disappear because the character of Balinese tourism is lost. Bali tourism is cultural tourism, meaning that Balinese culture is the mainstay of driving the dynamics of Bali’s tourism, nothing else. “Well, we have to understand the Balinese culture. Balinese culture whose breath comes from Hinduism. Bali is famous for its culture. Progress or modernization requires strong and creative cultural foundations, which are rooted in personality. It is impossible for strong modernization to occur, if you do not master a deep culture,” said the Badung Regency FSPPAR-SPSI Branch Manager – Deputy Head of Organizational Affairs.

If that happens, the result will be that tourism will lose its character and can drift the nation itself towards dependence on external cultural influences. Therefore, noble cultural values ​​need to be preserved and developed through the revitalization of traditional institutions, so that they are able to accommodate the aspirations of an advanced society. “Cultural tourism must express the Balinese cultural system in accordance with the spirit that comes from the teachings of Hinduism. This means that there must be a systematic effort to find the Hindu religious values ​​that lie behind various forms of Balinese culture. It is these values ​​that continue to be strengthened in order to animate Balinese culture, so that sustainable tourism can be realized,” he added.

Ayu, who has been in the tourism industry for around 40 years, emphasized that the basic concept for developing Bali has been formulated in Sad Kerti as stated in Lontar Anda Bhuwana. The Governor of Bali with his vision of Nangun Sad Kerti Loka Bali is to reorganize Bali in a more advanced future without losing the Balinese cultural values ​​that are well known throughout the world. “Remember, tourism is a way of human life to get pleasure and various benefits to create a happy life. Tourism is also a medium for inter-ethnic, inter-national, inter-faith cultural dialogue that has a broad dimension, as well as an economic effort,” he explained.

Tourism will always have a positive impact if it is managed by strengthening a strong spiritual foundation, intellectual intelligence and subtle emotional sensitivity. From tourism activities it gives rise to various economic activities that lead to prosperity for the community, respectable welfare. “By maintaining real cultural values, we can realize it in developing cultural tourism, by protecting the natural and social environment. This Balinese culture that breathes Hinduism will strengthen the existence of the natural environment and social environment on this Island of the Gods, “said the Bali Provincial Wage Council. (BTN/bud)

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