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In Japan, Cockroaches and Centipedes are on the List of Protected Animals!

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Its appearance is different from cockroaches and centipedes in general, making Japan include these animals in legal protection. What is this insect like?

Reported SoraNews, Wednesday (28/7/2021), Japan’s Ministry of Environment has placed three endangered species of arthropods native to Okinawa under direct legal protection until June 30, 2024.

Under Japanese law, the capture, killing, distribution, export or unauthorized display of this species during this period carries a penalty of up to five years in prison or a fine of up to 5 million yen.

This special protection is intended to save the arthropod species from extinction. In addition, it could make it easier for scientists to study it in the wild.

The protected species are two cockroaches and one centipede. Sounds normal or amused, right? But when you see the color, you will fall in love. Beautiful and different!

The following 3 species of arthropods are protected in Japan:

1. Eucorydia miyakoensis (Japanese name: Benieriruri cockroach)

This cockroach only inhabits the forests on Miyako Island, Okinawa Prefecture. Eucorydia miyakoensis was recently listed as a new species in a scientific article in June.

This species is easily recognized by the bright orange belt pattern on its wings. Today, not much is known about its habit other than the fact that it thrives on humus (rotting plants and animals) in forest soil.

2. Eucorydia donanensis (Japanese name: Usuobiruri cockroach)

Eucorydia donanensis identified as a newly discovered species on small Yonagumi Island (home to the westernmost inhabited point in Japan) in a November 2020 article. It has a purple belly with faint poppy red bands covering its wings.

Males should be able to grow a little bigger than E. miyakoensis. Just like other members of its genus, it also lives in humus on the forest floor.

3. Scolopendra alcyona (Japanese name: Ryujin centipede)

Centipedes or centipedes are not actually scientifically classified as insects (though they share the same phylum Arthropoda as arachnids and crustaceans). Scolopendra alcyona has been observed on several islands, including Kume Island and Tokashiki Island near the main Okinawa Island, as well as Iriomote Island and Ishigaki Island further south.

Scolopendra alcyona its length is about 19 cm which also makes it the largest in Japan. Most interestingly, in April 2021 it is set to become the third amphibian centipede in the world, leading a semi-aquatic lifestyle in jungle rivers.

The species nickname alcyona comes from a story in Greek mythology in which a woman named Alcyone was cursed by the gods and turned into a halcyon, or kingfisher. Centipede legs have a color similar to this bird.

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