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6 Unique Items for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, There’s a Rainmaker Doll

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are getting more lively with the presence of official merchandise that shows the uniqueness of Japan. One of them is a doll that can ward off rain.

Talking about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is not only about sports competitions. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics also have a number of unique trinkets that show the uniqueness of the Japanese state.

Collected from various sources, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics merchandise has actually been launched since last year. The goal is none other than to enliven the biggest sporting event and earn coffers of money from the audience watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

So, what are the Tokyo 2020 Olympics trinkets? detik.com summarize them into 6 unique items. Here’s the list:

1. Keep it up bozu

Photo: doc. Japan Travel

For fans of Japanese anime or films, you must be familiar with this one object. Yes, the bozu, or rain-fighting doll, is now the official item for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

At first glance, teru teru bozu has a cute shape. This doll has a round head, complete with two eyes and smiling lips. Especially for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics edition, on the body of the teru-teru bozu there is the Olympic logo with two choices, namely blue or red.

Japanese people usually use this doll as a rain charmer before they travel or hold certain events. The way it works is simply by hanging the teru bozu.

2. Kimono

Another characteristic of Japan is the traditional kimono attire. Japan also makes a special edition kimono for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This kimono is designed with the Olympic logo on it.

3. Teapot

Tokyo 2020 Olympic GamesPhoto: doc. Japan Travel

The culture of drinking tea can not be separated from Japan. This culture is symbolized through iron teapots that are sold as trinkets for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The teapots for sale are a type of teapot from Tohoku, an area in the north of Honshu Island. This teapot is known to have high quality so that it is able to keep the temperature of the water in it hot.

The uniqueness of this teapot is also found on its body which has the Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo on it.

4. Daruma

Tokyo 2020 Olympic GamesPhoto: doc. Japan Travel

Besides teru teru bozu, there are other Japanese dolls that are sold as trinkets for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The doll is Daruma. Daruma is believed to be a lucky doll.

5. Pen

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Photo: doc. Japan Travel

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic pens are no ordinary pens. This pen has erasable ink.

Because of this sophistication, the pen is called the most popular item in the official shop selling Tokyo 2020 Olympics paraphernalia at Haneda Airport International Terminal.

6. Manga T-shirts

Tokyo 2020 Olympic GamesPhoto: doc. Japan Travel

Having been all the way to Japan, it’s not right if you don’t buy knick-knacks that smell like Japanese cartoons. Japan is known to have various famous manga characters such as Astro Boy, Luffy One Piece, Goku Dragon Ball, or Usagi Sailor Moon.

The good news is, the main characters are put together in a Tokyo 2020 Olympic shirt. Wow, that’s really fun!

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