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3 Star Hotel Facilities for Members of the House of Representatives Affected by COVID Citizens Criticized

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Researcher of the Indonesian Parliamentary Concerned Society Forum (Formappi) Lucius Karus asked the DPR to revoke the decision to provide special facilities in the form of 3-star hotels for members of legislators to staff who are undergoing self-isolation due to exposure to Covid-19. In addition, on social media, this decision was also criticized.

Lucius assessed that the policy lacks empathy for the plight of the people who are having trouble getting health facilities for affordable self-isolation.

“This adds to a row of DPR policies that show a lack of concern and no empathy for the plight of the people who at the same time have difficulty getting health facilities and isoman during this pandemic,” said Lucius to CNNIndonesia.com, Wednesday (28/7).

“I think the right response as a form of concern and the right response from the DPR to the public’s refusal is to revoke the policy,” he added.

He suspects that the Isoman project has already been agreed with various parties, including the hotel, if the DPR does not dare to revoke the decision.

In addition, Lucius also criticized that the DPR often issues controversial policies and discourses that seem to privilege the members of the council in the midst of the people’s misery due to the pandemic. Some of the controversial policies include PCR swab tests, vaccinations, and special ICU requests for DPR members.

All these controversial policies, he said, have often received criticism from the public. Unfortunately, all these protests and criticisms are generally just ignored as if they are considered a thing of the past.

“So it’s not only the policies that make the DPR considered indifferent but also about their response to public votes,” he said.

Furthermore, Lucius assessed that the DPR’s policies must be based on the aspirations and conditions of the people. According to him, the DPR doesn’t care about the people’s voice, of course it’s a contrast. The reason is that the DPR is the only institution that works on trust to represent the people in front of government policies.

“How does the DPR want to represent the people, if they are only busy taking care of their own facilities when in fact similar facilities are really needed by the common people,” Lucius criticized.

Seeing these conditions, Lucius assessed that the DPR would be critical of the government if the government’s policies did not benefit them. On the other hand, the DPR will support a policy if it provides convenience and luxury that privileges itself.

“The DPR who knows the budget best should be at the forefront of showing that concern through wise attitudes and decisions that do not hurt the people’s hearts,” he said.

For information, in a letter from the Secretariat General of the DPR, dated July 26, 2021, which was signed by Secretary General Indra Iskandar, it was written that they had collaborated with several hotels to provide isolation and quarantine facilities for legislative members.

Not only members of the council, Indra told reporters on Tuesday (27/7), the isolation facilities are borne by the state as well, “Including staff, civil servants, without family but yes, they are borne by the state. In 3-star hotels,” he said.

Indra explained that the isoman facility was given because members of the DPR have high mobility in their constituencies. In addition, the previous isolation facility in the Kalibata area, South Jakarta had received a complaint because it had the potential to infect other residents of the parliament complex.

“A few weeks ago, who was positive living in the Kalibata complex’s house, other members also complained about the risk of transmitting it to the environment,” he said.

He ensured that the provision of isoman and quarantine hotel facilities was taken from unused budgets. Such as overseas visits or seminar activity budgets. “So we shifted from those funds, they are contingency in nature, not fully budgeted but if needed we will revise it,” he said last Tuesday.

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