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There are hotel facilities for members of the DPR who are positive for COVID-19

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During the pandemic, not a few hotels provide services for isoman to repatriation. This includes members of the DPR.

This is stated in a copy of the letter signed by the Secretary General of the DPR, Indra Iskandar, dated July 26, 2021. The letter has also gone viral recently.

The letter stated that the Secretariat General of the DPR is collaborating with several hotels to provide isoman facilities for members who are confirmed positive for COVID-19. Both asymptomatic (OTG) and mild symptoms.

Letter of the Secretariat General of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia regarding isolation hotels (special)

“For those of you who are members of the DPR RI who need this facility, they can contact the Covid-19 Task Force of the Secretariat General of the DPR RI,” said the fragment of the letter numbered SJ/09596/SETJEN DPR RI/DA/07/2021, quoted as saying Bali Tourism, Tuesday (27/7/2021).

The letter was also given a copy to the leadership of the DPR RI, the leadership of the DPR RI BURT, the Deputy for Trials, the Main Inspector, the Head of the Expertise Agency and the Acting Deputy for Administration.

To Bali Tourism, the Secretary General of the DPR Indra Iskandar said the hotel was for quarantine or isolation facilities for Council members, experts, and DPR staff who were exposed to COVID-19. The facility is provided for those exposed with mild or asymptomatic symptoms.

“Yes (members of the DPR) including staff, civil servants, without family,” he told reporters, Tuesday (27/7/2021).

Indra said previously the isolation facilities were provided at the DPR’s official residence complex in Kalibata. But there are complaints so it is provided at the hotel.

“So you see, this is a very high intensity of Council members in their interaction constituents. So the potential for exposure is high, of course there are some members of the Council that I have told about who were positive in the Kalibata complex who complained because they had the potential to spread,” he said

The procurement of hotel facilities, said Indra, was also in accordance with existing regulations, namely the letters of the Director General of State Treasury S-369/PB/2020 and S-308/PB/2020.

“Now we also check various rules and learn from other ministries that other ministries have carried out self-isolation mechanisms in certain hotels such as 3 star hotels. So it also refers to the letters of the Director General of State Treasury number 369 of 2020 and number 308 of 2020 in point C “In the event that there are no rooms, dormitories, guesthouses, the ministry of institutions can use lodging or the like by considering the availability of funds,” he said.

Indra said there were already hotels planned for isolation. But so far he mentioned that only two hotels have signed the cooperation, namely the Ibis Hotel West Jakarta and Hotel Oasis Central Jakarta.

“The one we have collaborated with is the MoU with Ibis Grogol, the other is at Oasis in the Pasar Senen Atrium area,” he said.

It’s just not clearly specified which hotels are partners for the self-isolation of the members of the Indonesian House of Representatives.

In Jakarta itself, there are at least a number of hotels that provide packages for isoman services. Currently, there are many hotels that rent out their rooms for self-isolation at varying prices.

The Panorama JTB travel agent, for example, sells self-isolation packages for a certain period in 10 hotels spread across Jakarta. These hotels only accept asymptomatic patients. As compiled Bali Tourism, among others:

1. Hotel Emperor
2. IBIS Monday
3. Nite & Day Bandengan
4. Grand Asia Hotel
5. IBIS Style Extension Mango Dua
6. IBIS Style Mango Dua
7. IBIS Styles Cikarang
8. IBIS Budget Jakarta Daan Mogot
9. IBIS Harmoni
10. Blue Sky Hotel Pandurata

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