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Naked Gowes Action, India’s News After the COVID-19 Tsunami

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The naked bike rider community ‘The World Naked Bike Ride’ is back on the road. There is also news about India after being hit by the COVID-19 tsunami.

The most popular news from Bali Tourism Monday (26/7), about hundreds of naked bicycle riders filled the streets of Cardiff on Sunday (25/7). Some of them cycle naked, others wear bikinis or shorts and T-shirts.

The appearance of each participant’s bicycle was no less excited. They paint the bikes in as many colors as possible. The naked bicycle riders took to the streets not without reason.

According to representatives of the group, their action aims to create awareness and highlight issues surrounding cycling in the city center. In addition, the naked ride protested the dependence on cars and the excessive use of fossil fuels and the impact of global warming.

The nude ride began on Cardiff University grounds on Museum Avenue at 2:30 p.m. local time. The route continues through the Civic Centre, downtown, Cardiff Bay, St Mary Street, Pontcana and Canton and then ends at Cardiff University.

Naked in public places in the UK is not prohibited as long as it is not coercion. Although carrying the flag of the naked bicycle community, they do not require participants to be completely naked.

Meanwhile, the situation in Bollywood after the COVID-19 tsunami is still bad. But not as bad as the second wave hit, with new cases reaching an average of 400,000 per day.

On May 7, India reported 414,188 new infections and several thousand deaths. But that figure has decreased 10-fold in recent days.

On Thursday (22/7), 41,383 new infections were recorded, while the death toll reached 507 cases. This data comes from the Indian Ministry of Health, quoted by CNBC from the institution’s official Twitter account.

In the last 7 days, India has an average of 38,548 new cases per day. According to data from Johns Hopkins University and Our World in Data, this achievement indicates that cases in India have decreased by an average of 3%.

The COVID-19 tsunami in India was caused by the Delta variant, which was discovered last October. Since then, the variant has spread in India as well as a number of other countries in the world.

The Delta variant has replaced the previously dominant Alfa variant. The Alfa variant is known to have been discovered in the UK last fall. That’s the most popular news Bali Tourism, Monday (26/7) yesterday.

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