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Loss of IDR 7 billion a month, hotels in Pangandaran lay off employees

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Almost a month tourist attraction in Pangandaran closed. Within a month, hoteliers in Pangandaran lose up to IDR 7 billion. They also laid off employees.

The tourism business actors in Pangandaran are starting to get angry. The cessation of the wheels of business, makes them make efforts to bargain for this government policy.

“Yesterday we met with the Regent of Pangandaran. The point is we want to share the conditions and make several proposals,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) of Pangandaran Regency, Agus Mulyana, Tuesday (26/7/2021).

Agus explained that currently the majority of hotels and restaurants in Pangandaran are taking steps to survive by laying off their employees.

“The majority of employees lay off, at least leaving only employees from the engineering and security sections. Because even though the hotel is not operating, it still has to be maintained and kept safe,” said Agus.

Based on Agus’s estimation, the economic losses suffered by hotel owners during one month’s closure could reach Rp 7 billion. He detailed that the estimated calculation was obtained from the assumption that the net profit earned by the hotel was an average of Rp 5 million per week, 4 times a week it would mean Rp 20 million.

Then this number is multiplied by the number of hotels and restaurants that are members of the PHRI as many as 350 units, resulting in an estimated loss of Rp 7 billion.

“The assumption is that the profit of Rp 5 million per week is flat, for big hotels it will be bigger. Then that does not include hotels and restaurants that are not part of our organization,” said Agus.

Meanwhile, regarding the proposal he submitted to the government, PHRI has 7 proposal points. The main thing is the application for the reopening of tourist attractions in Pangandaran on July 29, 2021.

However, the opening of the tourist attraction requires every tourist visiting Pangandaran to show a vaccination certificate and carry out a rapid antigen test at the entrance.

“The seven points of the proposal are the solutions we offer so that tourism can be reopened. Among them breakfast at the hotel is carried out with a boxed rice system and delivered to their respective rooms, then restaurants and restaurants or cafes are allowed to open until 20.00 WIB and the occupancy is occupied. table 50 percent of the capacity of the place by implementing strict procedures,” said Agus.

Agus admitted that he understood the dilemmatic conditions faced by the government. However, the effort to submit this proposal is expected to be an option that can be considered by the government, so that there is an effective solution for tourism business actors.

“Essentially we support the government’s program, we want to take a role to jointly fight the spread of COVID-19. The tourism proposal is opened with the condition that a vaccination certificate is also proof that we want to participate in the success of the acceleration of vaccination,” said Agus in Pangandaran.

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