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Fun Trekking Not Far from Jakarta, Get Lots of Bonuses

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Not far from Jakarta, travelers can enjoy trekking at Halimun Peak. The place is cool, you can get a lot of bonuses in the form of beautiful views.

This peak of Halimun may be less well known. Whereas in the vicinity are tourist attractions that are already quite crowded or famous among tourist enthusiasts in the mountains not far from Jakarta.

Call it Rawa Gede, Curug Ciherang, Hunter’s Hut, Cisadon and others. Yes, the old and classic off-road trails from Sentul – Pondok Pemburu, Cisadon to Rawa Gede are indeed quite well-known by the trail bike community, mountain bikes or trail run enthusiasts.

For just traveling with the family, taking light walks to natural tourist spots or just staying overnight and enjoying the cold mountain air, there are many lodging options in the area between Sentul and Puncak Dua.

Then where exactly is this Halimun Peak? More or less the place is in-between Cisadon and Rawa Gede. From an area called Kampung BaBan or Babakan Banten near Pakuan hill, it is the most ideal place for climbing or if it seems too heavy, we can call it mountain trekking.

Exercising with trekking on a path that is still very natural, we get a lot of bonuses. With variations in altitude from 1200 mdpl to 1650 mdpl, we clearly get the opportunity to do cardio sports, our lungs automatically exercise optimally when climbing, and at the same time we breathe clean oxygen in mountain forests that are far from pollution.

This forest track around the peak of Halimun is quite rarely passed by immigrants, at most those who cross this route are residents of the nearest village to look for wood or harvest wild mushrooms to be consumed or sold if they get a lot of harvest from the blessings of the natural forest which are not always available. However, this path can also be connected with the beautiful Bendi road track leading to Paseban to other peaks.

Now, the current bonus that we get, of course, is that we can take selfies with views that are not common. Incidentally, the photo that the author shows is a new spot, at least said the resident who accompanied the author of the trekking. From the peaks in this area, we can see the valley from Bekasi, Karawang to Jatiluhur.

And on the other peak we can see the peak of Mount Gede Pangrango. In the author’s opinion, the most invaluable bonus is our opportunity to enjoy nature with a very natural forest atmosphere, clean oxygen, fresh air, far from noise and even the sound of motorized vehicles is not heard on the ridge line that connects several peaks in this area.

Beautiful forest with the smell of nature, the sound of chirping or the squeaking of wild birds, the natural sounds of various types of grasshoppers make a symphony that cools our mood. But it is also possible that nature gives us a little mischief, for example, a packet that propagates in the body and then vampires our blood.

It’s actually not dangerous, but it sure is ticklish scary. Likewise, forest rattan sticks whose thorns greet our clothes or sometimes pierce our skin a little. There are many kinds of plants that look beautiful, it feels like taking them and planting them in pots to become a rare collection at home.

Is there a contact to accompany me if you want to do trekking around the peak of Halimun? It’s easy to just look for it on Google Maps, namely Telaga Pakuan or go directly to Kampung Babakan Banten to find Mr. Hendrik, who all the residents know, guaranteed to be friendly with Arabica or Robusta coffee from his own garden because this area is a coffee-producing center.

Hopefully this article is useful, don’t forget to bring your trash back if it’s from the forest. GREETINGS SUSTAINABLE.

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