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Flights to America are still in demand, here is a list of 6 airline ticket promos

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One of the countries that is open to Indonesian citizens is the United States of America. This trip to Uncle Sam’s country is also in demand.

AntaVaya offers a wide selection of flight ticket promos to America.

“With so many restrictions on entry to other countries, one of the countries that is still open for Indonesians is Uncle Sam, America. Not only for vaccine-free tourism, but also for Indonesian citizens who plan to study in America, there are many choices of airlines that can be used, ” said Herlina Handojo, AntaVaya Airlines Strategic Manager.

Here’s the list:

1. All Nippon Airlines

This Japanese airline offers travel to various American destinations. Especially for the issue period until September, a minimum of 4 people traveling together will have a special price for Los Angeles/Francisco, starting from IDR 11.9 million.

Meanwhile, other cities that can be flown are Chicago, Houston, Washington and New York with economy, premium and business class types. For purchasing student tickets, you will get one extra piece of baggage.

2. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines is one of the middle east carriers with hubs in Dubai and networks around the world. Especially big cities in America, such as Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Prices start from IDR 13.9 million for business class to Big Apple City-New York. Today, Emirates provides MultiRisk Global Coverage, including COVID-19 up to USD 500,000.

3. Etihad Airways

With Etihad Airways, passengers will have the convenience of American immigration through the Custom and Border Protection facility while transiting at Terminal 3 of Abu Dhabi Airport. The existence of facilities makes the immigration process into America carried out in Abu Dhabi.

In addition to the same day connection flight, there are attractive price offers starting from Rp. 12.7 million for economy class and Rp. 37.2 million for business class to New York. Don’t worry, Etihad also protects passengers with Global Wellness Insurance, including self-isolation at 100 Euros/day.

4. Japan Airlines

This airline based in Tokyo, Japan offers a choice that is no less varied than other airlines with American and Canadian destinations, such as Vancouver, LA, New York, Boston, San Diego and Dallas. Then, by cooperating with code share with American Airlines, there are even more options for other destinations in America.

For the Canadian route, the price offered starts from Rp. 10 million, while the American route starts from Rp. 10.3 million. The types of classes offered are varied, ranging from economy, premium economy and business class.

There is also JAL COVID-19 insurance coverage of up to EUR 150,000.


5. Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is a European airline that has the same day flight connection to major cities in America, namely New York, Washington, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

The price offered starts from Rp. 13 million for a plane ticket to New York with economy class. For business class, the price is IDR 33.5 million. Travelers can also enjoy transit or sightseeing in Istanbul as the main hub of this flight.

6. Qatar Airways

The airline, which has a hub in Doha, offers various destinations in America such as Boston, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle.

The prices offered are no less competitive, starting from IDR 13.6 million for economy class and IDR 38.9 million for business class. Passengers can also have the flexibility to change dates or refund tickets.

“Well, for mutual convenience, all airlines listed have used HEPA filters on board. Of course they also apply international standard health protocols on all their flights. For more information, please visit AntaVaya’s official website at www.antavaya.com or Instagram @antavaya_id, ” said Herlina.

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