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Don’t “Maboya” with the Covid-19 Pandemic – Bali Travel News

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The Regent of Klungkung I Nyoman Suwirta chaired the Meeting via Video Conference at the Vicon Room of the Regent’s Office of Klungkung on Tuesday (27/7/2021).
The Video Conference activity was attended by Village, Kelurahan and Subdistrict Apparatuses throughout the Klungkung Regency and the Village, Village and Subdistrict PKK Mobilization Teams. At this meeting, the agenda was regarding the Implementation of Level 4 Covid-19 Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) in the order of the New Era of Life in Klungkung Regency.

Present to accompany the Regent of Suwirta at the Video Conference Meeting were Regional Secretary I Gede Putu Winastra, Head of the Village Government Service, Population Control and Family Planning Wayan Suteja and other related invitees.
In the meeting, the Regent of Klungkung I Nyoman Suwirta said that during the implementation of PPKM Level IV which was carried out in Klungkung Regency, the Village Apparatus, Head of the Environment and Kelurahan could notify their residents to maintain their health by continuing to apply the Covid-19 Health Protocol in carrying out daily activities. days and can implement the Klungkung Regent’s circular regarding the implementation of PPKM Level IV in Klungkung Regency.
Regent Suwirta conveyed the reason for its implementation, because recently in Klungkung Regency there has been an increase in the number of Covid-19 sufferers and the death rate.
Regarding centralized quarantine, Regent Suwirta conveyed that Village and Sub-district officials could work together with the Regency Government to change the mindset of Covid-19 patients, by providing an understanding that a centralized quarantine place is a place that will make them recover quickly, be easy to supervise and easy to handle.
Regent Suwirta conveyed that if there are patients who do not want to go to a centralized isolation area, the Regency Government provides tolerance, to carry out independent isolation, provided that the patient or family makes a statement, and the Village Head and members of the Task Force in the village must also take responsibility, if patients experience things that are not desirable when carrying out self-isolation.
“Let’s together with the district government try to provide understanding to the community in the village, sub-district so that Covid-19 patients can carry out centralized quarantine and invite citizens to simplify their mindset by continuing to implement the Covid-19 Health Protocol when carrying out daily activities,” said the Regent. Suwirta to Vicon participants.
“I urge the people of Klungkung not to experience excessive fear, and not to be lazy (joking) about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

He reminded the meeting participants that when there are activities in the office or other activities in their area to continue to monitor and ask the local community to continue implementing the Covid-19 Prokes.
Regarding the impact of Covid-19, the Regent of Suwirta assigned Village Apparatus and Village Apparatus to go directly to the field in their respective regions to collect data on the people affected by Covid-19. Where in the data, it contains, name, address, number of family members in one KK. This is so that the assistance provided can be proportional.
“The data is in the form of a table containing special contents for people affected by Covid-19 who have never received assistance on a regular basis, whether it is assistance from DTKS, the elderly, people with disabilities and to immediately move to collect data on recipients of assistance,” ordered Regent Suwirta.
“Don’t be picky about the recipients of aid, and strengthen the data on recipients of aid,” recalled the Regent of Suwirta.
Regarding the implementation of the self-quarantine, the Regent Suwirta reminded that the village apparatus and the village apparatus should know the location of the place and the names of the residents who are self-isolating.
Regarding the Village Fund, the Regent of Suwirta appealed that the funds that should be used should be used immediately in order to help the economic movement in the village.
Regent Suwirta added that the process of distributing the aid could involve members of the local TP PKK. (BTN/ery).

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