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This is the story of Sandiaga whose wife and children are quarantined in a hotel

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Indonesian citizens who return from traveling from abroad are required to quarantine, but there are complaints about quarantine hotel facilities. How does the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy respond to this?

Some time ago, the artist Nikita Mirzani complained about the quarantine hotel facilities that he occupied after returning from Turkey even though he had already paid tens of millions. Meanwhile, a complaint about the provision of a quarantine place was also made by one of the UI lecturers.

“Although this is outside the scope of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy because this is more in the realm of the Ministry of Health and BNPB, the COVID-19 task force and PHRI friends, but because this is in a hotel facility under our control, we are coordinating with PHRI and Mr. Haryadi Sukamdani and Mrs. Vivi. (The Hotel Repatriation Coordinator from PHRI, Vivi Herlambang) has cleared it, I ask to immediately socialize the misunderstanding,” said Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno in the Weekly Press Briefing, Monday (26/7/2021).

Sandiaga also told his wife and child who were also in the quarantine hotel and would be there for eight days. Sandiaga’s wife or commonly called Mbak Nur and her son, Sulaiman, have entered the second day of quarantine.

“Although there are facilities for government officials, I want to decide for Mbak Nur and Sulaiman to fully participate in this 8-day quarantine program because we make our regulations must be replaced, both lead by example must comply with the regulations we make ourselves,” said Sandiaga.

Sandiaga said that the steps that his wife and children went through to get to the hotel and the rules that must be obeyed such as not leaving the room. When they arrive and before they go home they have to go through a PCR test.

“He was taken to his room using a freight elevator because he had to enter himself, had time to send a video, how come in the freight elevator, yes, that’s because the lift must be separated and I have coordinated with the hotel,” Sandiaga added.

Entering the second day, Sandiaga admitted that his wife and child have not had any complaints. So did some of the people he asked.

“So far there have been no complaints, but this is only the second day. So, based on some input from friends, not only Mbak Nur, but some friends have also returned, no complaints yet,” said Sandiaga

He also said that maybe what happened to some people, including Nikita Mirzani, there might be a misunderstanding or a lack of service. This becomes a PR to improve service.

“So, all of this we are doing solely to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and all of them must comply with this regulation, there are government students or business civil servants working Indonesian migrant workers and some are borne by the government but some are borne by themselves,” said Sandiaga.

There are types of quarantine places that are paid and some are free. Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) and students are allowed to choose a quarantine place covered by the government, namely at Wisma Atlet Pademangan or paid at a quarantine hotel.

“So for those who pay for themselves, of course, the costs will adjust to their choices and we hope this will break the chain of transmission,” he added.

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