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Dago Dairy, Safe Travel for Autistic Children During a Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet. During this pandemic, we are required to comply with government regulations to stay at home. But it is undeniable that the feeling of boredom is so felt.

This is also felt by our daughter who has autism disorder. Since the start of the pandemic, he has suddenly been whining and crying for no apparent reason.

Well, after a long discussion, finally a few months ago we decided to look for a safe place to visit for children with autism. Safe in our opinion is that the location is quite strategic from where we live, is in an open space and most importantly there is no crowd of people. Finally we found a suitable place from the Instagram page for us to visit, namely Dago Dairy.

What’s the full story?

On Monday, I tried to contact Dago Dairy via WhatsApp to ask how to make a reservation and whether it is safe to visit there for children with autism. They are very open to receiving visits from us. But it is true, we must come according to the agreement first.

At that time the schedule for visiting on holidays was full, we chose Friday morning to visit there. Friday, around 8 am, we arrived at the parking lot which is not so big.

A few minutes later, a janitor asked, ”Want to go to Dago Dairy? Has there been an appointment?”.

We were directed to walk about 400 meters to the location. Wow, this looks like it could be hiking for our daughter. Sure enough, the contours of the road are rocky and uphill like going up hills. Luckily we were wearing shoes that matched the location at that time.

Don’t forget the children’s food supplies must always be ready, especially the food for our special seven year old daughter because she will be calm as long as her stomach feels full.

Take it easy the streets are quite quiet, at least once in a while there is a motorbike passing by to bring weeds or firewood. The view is also very beautiful. We can see the green natural charm of Bandung and its surroundings and hear the melodious sound of birds chirping.

Unconsciously, after 15 minutes of walking, we arrived at a unique building that reads ‘Dago Dairy’. The location of Dago Dairy is in Buniwangi Wetan, Mekarwangi Village, Lembang.

There we were warmly welcomed by Mr. Mark, a Caucasian man from Australia who is already very fluent in Indonesian. The introduction session was so impressive, I also explained about our daughter’s condition to Mr. Mark.

He really appreciates and hopes that our daughter is happy to be at Dago Dairy. Mr. Mark invited us to tour the farm which is approximately two hectares wide.

Although there is no charge when visiting Dago Dairy, Mr. Mark guides us very professionally. He explained his daily routine in taking care of these cows with the help of several of his employees. We know when it’s time for the cow to eat until it sleeps.

Mr. Mark also gave information that it turns out that cows also drink milk, you know. Excellent, very informative. We also saw a pregnant female cow, a rare sight for us. Our daughter looks very happy with this activity.

Apart from cows, here we also saw some free-range chickens that were left wild to eat worms. There is no pungent smell in Pak Mark’s cattle pens.

How come? Because every time a cow excretes feces, the employees, even Park Mark himself, immediately clean it up. Spray the cage until it is clean. Champion!

Dago Dairy also has whole milk products and packaged yogurt which are processed directly from the cows here. Of course, you have to order in advance to get fresh products from Dago Dairy.

We also ordered milk and yogurt when we made a reservation with Mrs. Yanti. After almost two hours we toured the farm and heard many inspirational stories from Mr. Mark, we said goodbye with two bags of milk and yogurt.

Don’t forget before going home, we wash our hands first using the soap available there. Thank you Mr. Mark and Mrs. Yanti for providing safe educational tours for autistic children.

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