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Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park | Papua’s First Mangrove Tourism Forest

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One of the tourist attractions in Papua, the Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park, was inaugurated in May 2019. Many people mention and say that the mangrove forest is a coastal forest ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of several groups of trees that can live in a high salinity environment.

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The appearance of this mangrove park is like a stretch of shrubs that will separate the land from the sea. Nevertheless? Of course, the first mangrove park in Papua has its own charm to visit besides Raja Ampat.

In addition, a little information about the tourist attraction, namely the Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park is located in the coastal area. Of course, it is directly adjacent to South Sorong Regency and Sorong City.

For now, many coastal residents are starting to take advantage of this opportunity, especially from the tourism aspect, although it is not yet optimal. Not only that, the Sorong Mangrove Forest is also traditionally managed by a group of fishing communities who also rely on the mangrove park.

Sorong Mangrove Park Officially Opens

This mangrove forest park was officially opened in May 2019. This Papua tourist destination was built using the Special Allocation Fund (DAK).

This Mangrove Park can certainly be the belle of new hope in Sorong City. Moreover, this Mangrove Forest Tourism Park is indeed the first in Papua.

Not only that, the opening of the newest tourist attraction in Sorong is also a campaign for environmental conservation. Whether it’s protecting ecosystems and their habitats from various damage to protecting mangrove trees.

In addition, according to information from a coastal resident of Kab. Sorong said that he would make sure that the tourists who would later visit the Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park would not be disappointed and would certainly be impressed with this one tourist spot.

Then tourists can also use outboard engine boats to explore the coast. The various trees in the mangrove park will also add to the beauty of your trip.

About Papua Mangrove Forest Attractions

A little information about the tourist attraction of the Sorong mangrove park, namely along the coast in this district, tourists will be spoiled with views of mangrove trees.

Ranging from species bruguiera, rhizophora to xylocarpus. Apart from that, this mangrove park also grows various types of palms and pandanus.

Various activities of crab catching fishermen with traps that are here will also be a special attraction. You can see it live.

In addition, if you are lucky, you can also witness firsthand flocks of birds hanging from trees. Then there are beavers, monitor lizards to several other bird species.

Therefore, tourism in Sorong Regency will strive to continue to grow so that tourist destinations can continue to develop well and bring in many tourists to Sorong, Papua.

So, with the presence of many tourist attractions, of course, tourists will be able to choose various tourist attractions, especially when they are in Sorong, before they cross to the Raja Ampat Islands.

Not only that, with the presence of the Sorong Mangrove Tourism Park, of course this is an important point for Sorong City so that many Sorong residents expect tourists not only to pass and cross directly to Raja Ampat, at least tourists can enjoy one tourist spot. This is the Sorong mangrove forest.

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