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These 7 Typical Indonesian Souvenirs, From Food to Crafts

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Indonesia is indeed famous for its local creative variety, from culinary to handicrafts. In fact, some local creatives from Indonesia have been well-known to foreign countries.

Talking about local creatives, #DiIndonesiaAja has a lot of culinary and handicrafts that are often used as souvenirs typical of Indonesia. Not only unique, these items are also suitable as gifts to be distributed to relatives abroad. For those of you who are still confused or looking for Indonesian souvenirs, these seven items can be your choice.

1. Assorted Chips

Indonesia’s creative industry is famous for its culinary variety, including a variety of Indonesian chips. #DiIndonesiaAja, you can find a variety of chips ranging from banana chips typical of Lampung, chips typical of Cirebon sumpia, or chips typical of Minang balado.

Not only delicious, these processed snacks are also suitable as gifts to relatives abroad. In fact, various typical Indonesian chips can be purchased from local MSMEs, one of which is Snack Kalia. There are many kinds of Indonesian chips on offer such as banana chips, cassava chips, macaroni, and others.

2. Rendang

Who does not know this delicious food? This typical Indonesian food is indeed suitable for souvenirs. Made from meat cooked with spices and spices typical of Padang, the taste of rendang will certainly make anyone’s tongue moved to try it.

Not only that, the delicacy of rendang has now been recognized to foreign countries. In fact, rendang has also become one of the most favorite Indonesian foods to penetrate the international culinary market. Currently, there are many local MSMEs that sell ready-to-eat rendang so they can be sent or brought as typical Indonesian souvenirs such as Omah Rendang and Mama’s House Rendang.

3. Herbs

This traditional Javanese drink is indeed well known for its properties. In fact, lately herbal medicine is referred to as a drink to increase the body’s immunity. Since the first, the efficacy of herbs as herbal medicine is not in doubt. This is because herbal medicine is made from natural ingredients such as roots (rhizomes), leaves, fruit, and bark.

Previously, these natural ingredients would be mixed and processed into liquid herbal medicine. However, along with the development of technology, now herbs can be consumed instantly. Currently, there are many herbal medicine sellers who process herbal medicine to be more practical in powder form. One of them is the MSME Jamu Bu Puji which presents various types of powdered herbs that can be brought and used as Indonesian souvenirs.

4. Coffee

Indonesia is known as one of the best coffee producing countries in the world. Interestingly, several types of Indonesian coffee have been successfully recognized and recognized for their enjoyment to foreign countries. One of the world’s favorite coffees is civet coffee. Not only delicious, civet coffee is also often referred to as the most expensive coffee in the world.

Besides mongoose, there are other types of coffee that can also be used as souvenirs, such as Toraja, Gayo, Sidikalang, or Kerinci. Interested in making coffee as a souvenir? A variety of typical Indonesian coffee can be found in several coffee shops, namely Mozasshealthylab and Ganba Coffee.

5. Batik

Batik is often a wastra associated with the characteristics of Indonesia. No wonder many residents bring batik as souvenirs from Indonesia. Talking about batik, Indonesia has various types of batik with various motifs and colors.

Each region usually has batik motifs such as Yogyakarta with kawung and sidomukti batik, or Cirebon with megamendung batik characteristics. The various types of batik can now be obtained through shops on line, namely Batik or Hasan Batik.

6. Ikat

Besides batik, this Indonesian wastra is also suitable as a gift for relatives abroad. Besides being beautiful, woven fabrics also have meaning in the lives of Indonesian citizens, not only as clothing, but also as social, religious and economic functions. In Indonesia, weaving consists of various types and motifs according to the region. One of them is the ikat cloth typical of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) which has been known worldwide. Ikat fabrics are made from threads that are given natural dyes such as turmeric, tauk, noni, and others.

The process of making a piece of ikat cloth also varies from 2 weeks to months according to the motif you want to make. Previously, ikat weaving was only used for traditional ceremonies. But now several MSMEs have innovated to make ikat weaving into a variety of bags, clothes, dresses, shirts, and shoes. Some of these SMEs include Mejikuhibiniu Boutique, Weaving Nan Elok, and Tinungrambu.

7. Ulos

Want to give other Indonesian souvenirs that are more unique? This typical souvenir of Lake Toba might be tried. Ulos is a woven cloth typical of the Batak tribe which has different meanings according to the motif. Like a typical Malay songket, ulos is also usually used at weddings, funeral ceremonies, Tor Tor dancing, or other traditional ceremonies.

However, for the Batak tribe, ulos is also a sacred object and plays an important role in social life. Some types of ulos that are commonly used by the community include ulos sibolang, ulos jugia, ulos sadum, ulos mangiring, and ulos yeast live. Now, various types of ulos can be obtained through shops such as Dame Ulos and Soitulos.

Well, those are some crafts and culinary delights that often become Indonesian souvenirs. All of the gifts above can now be ordered online on line. That way you can #BeliKreatifLokal safer and more comfortable.

In addition, launching the caringcovid19 website.kemenparekraf, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno said that buying local products as gifts is also one way to help MSMEs in the midst of a pandemic.

“First, the local products are cool, good, world-class quality, the price is more affordable, this can also help our MSMEs affected by the pandemic,” said Sandiaga.

He also revealed that making creative products as souvenirs would be able to inspire creative economy actors to increase their turnover.

“They can now get orders and increase turnover without the need to lay off their employees. So this helps the local economy,” he added.

Even though #BeliKreatifLokal directly on line fairly safe, also make sure you continue to apply health protocols and participate in the vaccination program to achieve herd immunity. In your activities, be disciplined to apply the 6M, namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, avoiding eating together, and reducing mobility.

In addition to buying local products, for those of you who love Indonesia, also follow the activation on TikTok through the Hashtag Challenge #DiIndonesiaAja to win electronic money balance prizes and merchandise Wonderful Indonesia exclusive. Also follow Instagram @pesonaid_travel to find out complete information about culinary and tourist destinations #DiIndonesiaAja.


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