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Regional Secretary Adi Arnawa Leads Coordination Meeting of the Covid-19 Task Force – Bali Travel News

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The Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Badung Regency, I Wayan Adi Arnawa, chaired the Coordination Meeting (Rakor) of the Covid-19 Task Force in the Kriya Gosana Meeting Room of the Badung Government Puspem, Thursday (22/7). “This coordination meeting is to equalize perceptions related to the Minister of Health’s decision on the Protocol for Organizing the Execution of Funerals / Burials,” said Regional Secretary Adi Arnawa, who was accompanied by Plt. Head of BPBD I Wayan Wirya who is also Kadis Karmat, Representatives of Forkopimda, Representatives of relevant Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) within the Badung Regency Government (Pemkab).

Regional Secretary Adi Arnawa explained that the Badung Regency Government held a meeting with the Covid-19 Task Force, involving elements of the PHDI, the Madia Council to equalize perceptions related to the decision of the Minister of Health (Menkes). “Substantially, the decision from the Minister of Health should not be a problem, but it is only our problem regarding the traditional dreste/awig-awig in each traditional village. Of course, with these considerations, there are several inputs from PHDI regarding dreste, we state that it is very flexible, it can be done, but only now is the readiness of the traditional village to accept the tatwa/awig-awig, “he said.

Therefore, the Regional Secretary Adi Arnawa asked PHDI which was directly coordinated by the Culture Service to immediately conduct socialization. “That’s important so that later there will be an agreement to be the basis of reference in the context of curing the burial / burning of the bodies identified by the Covid-19 virus,” he explained.

In conditions like this, regulations must be made related to the rules of the Ministry of Health / related to the decision of the Ministry of Health in the implementation of the funeral of the corpse, it must be emphasized that in addition to officers from the hospital, only 5 families can participate while continuing to carry out health procedures such as wearing PPE clothes prepared by officers from the Covid-19 response team. “With the consideration of our local wisdom in Bali regarding the timing of the funeral of the Covid-19 corpse, we continue to rely on the sima dresta / awig-awig of the local traditional village,” he added.

The principle, adapted to the technical and local wisdom. “First we have to consider the Minister of Health’s policy regarding people who died exposed to Covid-19, all technicalities are carried out in hospitals before being taken to funerals or cremation sites,” he added.

Head of Health Department dr. Nyoman Gunarta conveyed that policy regulations based on Law no. 4 of 1984 concerning Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases, Law no. 6 of 2018 concerning Health Quarantine, and Decree of the Minister of Health No. HK 01.07/Menkes/4834/2021 concerning Protocols for the Implementation of Circumcision and Burial of Covid-19 Corpses. “The purpose of this regulation is to handle the bodies of infectious patients in health services, to prevent transmission or transmission of disease from corpses to mortuary staff. Lastly, to prevent disease transmission from corpses to the environment and visitors,” he explained. (BTN/bud)

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