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Activities to Welcome Children’s Day in Denpasar City – Bali Travel News

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The Denpasar Children’s Forum (FAD) held various competitions to welcome National Children’s Day (HAN). This is one of the celebrations for the anniversary of Children’s Day. “Currently Denpasar City is a Child Friendly City with the Main Category. This can be achieved partly because of the commitment of the Denpasar City Government together with relevant stakeholders to make Denpasar City friendly for children by trying to fulfill children’s rights and protect Denpasar City children,” said Denpasar City FAD Chairman, Komang Nova, Thursday (22 /7).

HAN is celebrated every July 23 simultaneously throughout Indonesia. The commemoration of HAN is an important momentum to arouse concern and participation of all components of the Indonesian nation in ensuring the fulfillment of children’s rights to the rights to live, grow, develop, and participate fairly in accordance with human dignity, as well as protection from violence and discrimination.

Unlike the warnings in previous years, the implementation of the HAN this year faces challenges due to the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic in Indonesia which has implications for the community. Especially children, experiencing various problems such as parenting problems for children whose parents are positive for Covid-19, lack of opportunities to play and learn as well as increased cases of violence during the pandemic as a result of the implementation of social distancing policies as well as studying and working at home.

Based on these challenges, the theme for the 2021 HAN is “Protected Children, Advanced Indonesia” with the tagline #AnakPedulidiMasaPandemi. This is a motivation that the pandemic will not dampen the commitment to keep implementing the HAN this year virtually, without reducing the meaning of the HAN.

While the theme of the 2021 HAN in Denpasar City is “Synergizing in Culture and Technology-Based Creation”. Where this theme invites Denpasar City children to stay active and creative during the Covid-19 Pandemic by utilizing existing technology and still not forgetting culture, one of which is through traditional games.

The HAN 2021 commemoration in Denpasar City is filled with competitions for children and youth in fulfilling children’s participation rights. A series of activities and competitions to welcome National Children’s Day have started from the middle of June 2021, which will be carried out online and offline. This activity was held by the Denpasar City Regional Children’s Forum in collaboration with Denpasar City APSAI and related stakeholders.

Head of Committee I Komang Agus Wahyu Wana Wangsawan said that various competitions were held including: Tote bag Painting Contest for ABK (Children with Special Needs), Coloring Contest for Kindergarten & Early Childhood Education. Rare Megending Contest for children under 14 years old, Bali Mesatua Contest for children under 14 years old, quiz competition for elementary school children, national song group singing competition for junior high school students, digital poster competition for junior and senior high school students, essay criticism competition for children under 18 years old, short video competition for children under 18 years old and Tiktok Video Contest for children under 18 years old.

The purpose of the National Children’s Day Commemoration held with competitions is as a momentum to show Denpasar City children can still excel, be happy, creative, and innovative even though they are at home during Covid-19. During the current COVID-19 pandemic, children’s daily lives have changed. (BTN/bud)

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