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In 2020, Regional Heads Are Encouraged to Be Quick in Making Decisions – Bali Travel News

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The Gianyar Regency DPRD held a plenary meeting for the third trial period in 2021, Wednesday (21/7). This meeting
regarding Submission of the Faction’s General Views on the Raperda on Accountability for the Implementation of the 2020 Fiscal Year Budget, located in the Meeting Room of the Gianyar DPRD Office. The meeting was chaired by the Chair of the Gianyar Regency DPRD, I Wayan Tagel Winarta and attended by the Gianyar Regent, I Made Mahayastra with the Gianyar Deputy Regent, Anak Agung Gde Mayun and the OPD leadership within the Gianyar Regency Government.

I Wayan Kandel from the PDI-Perjuangan Faction felt grateful and appreciated the performance of the Gianyar Regent and his staff, because based on the Examination Results Report (LHP) from the BPK RI Representative of the Bali Province which was submitted on 17 May 2021, the Gianyar Regency Government (Pemkab) in managing Regional Finances the 2020 fiscal year again received an unqualified opinion (WTP), where the 2020 fiscal year was the 7th year in a row that Gianyar Regency received an Unqualified Opinion (WTP). “This must continue to be maintained by carrying out every record from the BPK as outlined in the Audit Result Report on the Regional Government Financial Statements for the 2020 fiscal year of the Gianyar Regency Government,” Kandel hoped.

I Made Suteja of the Golkar faction said, congratulations to the Gianyar Regency Government with the receipt of the RI BPK Audit Report on the Gianyar Regency Government Financial Report for the 2020 fiscal year which contains the WTP opinion (unqualified) and has been obtained successively since 2014. “We should be grateful and we are proud together. Because this opinion will be able to motivate the spirit of our community to continue to maintain, and improve the performance of local governments in order to support the realization of Good Governance, “said Suteja.

I Gede Sudiarta from the Democratic Faction said that after observing the Accountability for the Implementation of the Gianyar Regency Regional Budget for Fiscal Year 2020 on June 25, 2021 in front of the Plenary Meeting of the Gianyar Regency DPRD, agreed to submit a General View (PU) which includes the principles and general only. However, it does not reduce the value of the principles of assessment in accordance with existing provisions, and appreciates the breakthroughs and innovations made by the Regent of Gianyar.

Ngakan Ketut Putra from the Greater Indonesia Faction said that basically the accountability of APBD implementation is the obligation of the regional government to explain the performance of regional government administration to the public (Progress Report) to improve efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and accountability of regional government administration.
The Regent of Gianyar, I Made Mahayastra said that in essence the accountability of the APBD for Fiscal Year 2020 is in accordance with the mandate of Law Number 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government, which is something that the Regional Head must do.

Regent Mahayastra added, in 2020 regional heads are encouraged to have speed in making decisions by the central government. Because local governments are able to encourage the economy in their area in accordance with the programs of the central government. Like social assistance, waiting for administration will take a long time. So it takes courage to make quick decisions even though it can lead to problems, but will be resolved on an ongoing basis.

For the economic recovery of the community, the government has issued PEN (national economic recovery) assistance which covers all sectors, both at the district and provincial levels, such as interest-free infrastructure stimulus assistance which is believed to be labor intensive and can make the economic cycle more vibrant and BLT from the central and regional levels. . (BTN/bud)

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