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Faculty of Medicine Unud Gathers Convalescent Plasma Donors – Bali Travel News

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The Regional Secretary of the Province of Bali who also serves as the Daily Chair of the Bali Province Covid-19 Response, Dewa Made Indra, appreciated the synergy between the UNUD Faculty of Medicine, the Bali Province Covid-19 Task Force, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Bali, Sanglah Hospital and the Indonesian Blood Donor Association (PDDI). ) Bali to carry out convalescent plasma therapy blood donation which will later be used to share with others, society, nation and state. This was conveyed when he conducted a review as well as encouraging blood donors at the Cakra Vidya Usadha building, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University, Wednesday (21/7).

Seeing the current conditions that indicate that Covid-19 is rising, the number of new cases is increasing, the pressure on hospitals is increasing because the patients being treated are also increasing. “Because those being treated are also high, so the need for blood and convalescent plasma is increasing, so the Faculty of Medicine of UNUD is cooperatively and integratedly raising and building collaborations with related elements to carry out blood donation activities (convalescent plasma and regular blood donors) to help and help others in need. and of course still in the hospital, “said the Regional Secretary Dewa Indra.

Added by the Head of the Bali Provincial Health Office, dr. Ketut Suarjaya said that the high number of Covid-19 positive patients who were self-isolating in all regencies/cities in Bali also received attention from the government.

“In Bali, there are more than 5000 people who are self-isolating. The distribution of free medicine packages from the center was directly coordinated by the TNI, and these I, II and III drug packages were sent from the TNI health center to the Udayana KODAM IX (KesDAM). These drug packages are given and distributed to those who are undergoing self-isolation in regencies/cities which are centered in hotels and villages as well as sub-districts,” said the Head of the Bali Provincial Health Office.

Until now, there are one thousand four hundred (1400) packages of medicine for those with OTG or mild symptoms that have been distributed throughout Bali.

The distribution of this drug is carried out by KODAM IX Udayana and then handed over to BABINSA which is supervised by the Customary Village Mutual Assistance Task Force and the local Community Health Center.

After these drugs are handed over to OTG patients who are self-isolating, they will continue to be monitored by the puskesmas through telemedicine which is coordinated by the District and Provincial Health Offices.

Among dozens of convalescent plasma donors and regular blood donors, there is one of the first ENT residents, dr. Endi Ananda who carried out the convalescent plasma donor, this of course gave new encouragement to those who provided help not only from science, but also willing to give their blood to help other people in need.

With the implementation of this convalescent plasma donor, it is hoped that it will be able to provide assistance for those (patients infected with COVID-19 with symptoms) to recover quickly. The number of convalescent plasma needs will be adjusted to the number of patients being treated and undergoing quarantine at the hospital.(BTN/ery)

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