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Delivery of BLT Phase 2 in North Kuta, Kuta and Kutsel – Bali Travel News

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Badung Regent I Nyoman Giri Prasta symbolically launched the handing over of the 2nd stage of the Emergency PPKM BLT for Badung Regency to North Kuta, Kuta and South Kuta Districts. The activity was carried out at the Wantilan Pura Dalem Dalung, Wantilan Pura Desa Kelan and Wantilan Desa Adat Pecatu, Wednesday (21/7). “This is a form of our concern for the community and we will not be able to not pay attention to the community properly. Let’s move together so that the Covid-19 pandemic does not spread and can soon disappear from the face of the earth, especially from Badung Regency. And the astungkara of the Badung community is really extraordinary, we give two thumbs up to the people who are obedient in implementing the program,” said Regent Giri Prasta.

His party has carried out data collection well, in 46 villages and 16 sub-districts in Badung. All perbekel and lurah have validated data which is synergized with data from the Badung dukcapil. So that there are 98,830 Badung families who are included in the category of recipients of direct cash assistance sourced from the Badung Regency APBD outside the Family Hope Program (PKH), Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT), Cash Social Assistance (BST) and Village Funds Direct Cash Assistance (BLTDD). issued by the central government.

It’s simple like this, for example, how much Br A gets assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs, be it PKH, BPNT, BST, it’s clear. “There is also BLTDD assistance distributed by the Ministry of Villages, apart from all assistance from the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Villages, all Badung residents receive BLT purely from the Badung Regency APBD, including all families. The business of having someone return it later because they feel they can be given to those who need it more is extraordinary,” said Giri Prasta.

The provision of BLT is a manifestation of the government’s seriousness and commitment to the community. “At least this BLT can increase the community’s immunity when they need even a small amount of funds. The state must exist for its people, and the Regent must be present in the midst of his people in accordance with the fifth precept, social justice for all Indonesian people,” he said.

Distribution of BST by the Ministry of Social Affairs to 14,132 Badung families with a nominal value of 600 thousand per family for 2 (two) months, the search is carried out through PT Pos. And if there are residents who are scattered in the data collection process, the Regent of Giri Prasta invites the residents of Badung to report through the 24-hour complaint post of the Social Service at 081 238 000 544 and 085 106 924 888. This is where the synergy between the community and the government is needed for the process together.

Regent Giri Prasta revealed, the focus of Badung Regency in the current Covid-19 pandemic condition, namely the fulfillment of the availability of the bed occupancy ratio (drill) with all its supporting facilities, so that when there are patients, all medical equipment is complete. Besides that, his party also continues to coordinate with all related parties to provide oxygen needs for Badung Regency. “In the future, after this pandemic, we will make sure that in Badung Regency there is an oxygen machine so that we will distribute it to all sub-districts in Badung Regency. This is the most principled thing that we must do and I think it has all gone well and we always communicate and synergize with the task force, province and center, “he added.

Meanwhile, one of the residents who received the Emergency PPKM BLT in Badung Regency, Hasan said he thanked the Badung Regent for his attention to the community during the emergency PPKm period. “Because so far my job is only as a travel driver, during this pandemic I was laid off and waiting for a call. We are just grateful for what the Badung Regency Government has given and it really helps us, the small community, “he said.

Accompanying the Regent at the time, Vice Chairman 1 of the Badung DPRD Wayan Suyasa and other members of the Badung DPRD as well as the Inspector of Badung Regency Ni Luh Suryaniti, Head of Social Affairs Ketut Sudarsana, Head of BPD Mangupura Representative of PT. BNI, representatives of PT Pos, Head of North Kuta Subdistrict, Perbekel Dalung and Bendesa Adat Dalung. (BTN/bud)

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