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Bali Tourism Workers Are Already in Minus Condition – Bali Travel News

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After 17 days of undergoing the Imposition of Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), Balinese people again have to undergo the next 5 days. The government’s policy is to re-implement Emergency PPKM until July 25, 2021 as an effort to suppress the surge in Covid-19 cases. For Bali tourism workers, the government’s policy is bitter and has to be swallowed for almost 16 months. “Tourism and workers in Bali are currently in a negative situation to survive. They no longer have a way to survive,” said I Putu Gunanta Yadnya, Head of the Regional Leadership of the Tourism Workers Union of the All-Indonesian Tourism Workers Union (PD FSP Par SPSI) of Bali Province, I Putu Gunanta Yadnya, SH, Wednesday (21/7).

Moreover, with the implementation of this extended Emergency PPKM, the condition of tourism and workers is dying. They actually do not know the benefits of continuing this Emergency PPKM. The tourism workers only know that with the implementation of the Java-Bali Emergency PPKM, they cannot find a mouthful of rice. Let alone for the family, for himself alone is still a puzzle. “Even though, he said there was a disbursement of funds and basic necessities from the government,” he said, most of them did not receive the assistance. Even if there is, they don’t even know how to get it. On the internet, there are ways to get help, after trying none of them to no avail,” he said regretfully.

The owner of Bali Putu Tour and Cakrawala Intan Selaras, who has been asleep for a long time, emphasized that his party strongly agreed with the government’s appeal, namely to jointly tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. “We have followed all the advice issued by the government in any form. However, in this long period of time there is also no sign of change. Even just spinning around there, “up and down and up and down” therefore, the government should review this policy,” hoped this calm man.

As a tourism worker, Gunanta pleaded with the government to also consider the strength of the community in order to survive. The direct cash assistance (BLT) and basic necessities disbursed by the government could not help much with their defense, let alone the distribution was unequal. “Therefore, in my opinion, in the future, the government, especially the Bali government (Governor) must be brave enough to take policies that can revive the Balinese economy. Bali does not need Emergency PPKM, but still implements health protocols and is monitored by related parties,” he added.

The number of tourism workers who are members of the Bali Province FSP Par SPSI is around 16 thousand, but now only 9 thousand are still registered as workers. Of that amount, 60% were laid off without a salary, and the rest were paid, there were 60%, 50%, and some even only 10%. While those who change professions can be counted on the fingers that can survive. “Let’s live side by side with this corona virus by isolating and treating the sick, and allowing the healthy to do their job as they should by always heeding health protocols. Thus, they can work as they should, so that they can meet the needs of living with their families. It also makes them less stressed, their immune is maintained, so they don’t get Covid-19. I am very optimistic, the Balinese government dares to take a breakthrough that must have a solution, “he hoped. (BTN/bud)

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