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Culinary Business in the Midst of a Pandemic – Bali Travel News

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Almost 16 months of Bali tourism can not breathe due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a heavy blow for Sugeng Riyadi, one of the thousands of workers who rely on the tourism sector on this Tiny Island. Since the pandemic, the hotel where he works has not received many guests, thus affecting his income. Moreover, since July 1, 2021, the hotel where he depends on his life has not operated as a result, there is no more income. “As the backbone of the family, I have to work to ensure that my wife and children can still eat,” said Sugeng Riyadi, Tuesday (20/7).

The man, who is almost 29 years old as a hotel worker, has to rack his brain in order to get a fortune to live a life in the midst of uncertainty when the pandemic will end. He earns a living by managing a culinary business under the name “Cafe Rumahan”. He manages his own business, while waiting for the tourism industry to revive. “I am trying to manage my own business in the hope that I can make a living, in the midst of this uncertainty. Whatever the result, I will still be grateful,” he added.

The man who was born on December 2, 1970 is still listed as a hotel employee until now. His position as Night Auditor. When the Covid-19 outbreak began in February 2020, tourism had a huge impact. He still tries to survive, but until now the pandemic has not ended and the hotel has not operated or closed. “Since then, I have no more income. I decided to open a culinary business at home. I do promotions via Social Media Instagram @caferumahanbali and door to door promotions as well as online grabfood collaborations,” he explained.

Not even a month, Café Rumahan which is located at Jalan Kubu Gunung I No. 4 Banjar Tegaljaya, Dalung Village, Badung Regency, has begun to be known by people because of the business tagline “Eating delicious doesn’t need to be expensive”. For only 10 thousand you can eat delicious and free sweet ice tea or mineral water. In a day he can earn an average of 250 thousand per day. “Because of this swerve, I was able to survive during the pandemic. I and my four children can finally eat. When compared to working in tourism, it does have advantages and disadvantages. What is certain is that your own business is certainly better. Moreover, it can be done side by side, of course it is better,” he said.

Irma Yusnita’s husband is a graduate of BPLP Bali (now Bali Poltekpar). He chose a hotel school because he wanted to work fast. At that time, Bali tourism was on the rise which required a lot of skilled workers in the tourism sector. “Honestly, due to this swerve, I can survive during the pandemic with my family,” he said with a happy tone.

A business managed with home-cooked food recipes, such as Betutu Chicken Rice, Gudeg Rice, Chicken Opor Rice, Lontong Lodeh, Jengkol Rendang Rice, Rica-Rica Ceker Rice. Including contemporary food and drinks, such as Sandwiches, Toast, Various Flavors of Boba Drinks and Caffe Latte, Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino. “If the price range is 5000-10000 per item. Orders for birthdays, religious events, meetings can be contacted via whatsapp 081999750999 (free delivery),” he added. (BTN/bud)

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