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Badung Enjoy Emergency PPKM BLT – Bali Travel News

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Badung Regent Nyoman Giri Prasta accompanied by deputy chairman of DPRD Wayan Suyasa and Regional Secretary Wayan Adi Arnawa launched the symbolic handover of Badung Regency Cash Direct Aid (BLT) phase 1 for Mengwi, Abiansemal and Evening Districts.
Assistance as a form of local government presence in the community during the Emergency PKKM period was launched at the Wantilan Pura Dalem Mengwi, Wantilan Desa Medium and Wantilan Desa Carangsari, Monday (19/7). Also present were the Inspector of Badung Regency, Ni Luh Suryaniti, Head of Social Affairs Ketut Sudarsana, Head of BPD Mangupura, Head of the Mengwi Sub-district, Mengwi Headquarters and Mengwi Customary Village Head.

Regent Giri Prasta said there were 98,830 Badung families who were included in the category of recipients of direct cash assistance sourced from the Badung Regency APBD outside the Family Hope Program (PKH), Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT), Cash Social Assistance (BST) and Village Fund Cash Assistance. (BLTDD) disbursed by the central government. “Badung residents who have received assistance from the central government through PKH with nominal intervals of 200-400 thousand are 4,800 families. Second, as many as 6,878 families, have also received the BPNT program that can be spent at e-warung according to the provisions of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The three BLTDDs already exist in Badung, with a total of 4,509 families, meaning all of this will no longer be available from Badung Regency,” he explained.

In addition to the three assistance programs above, the Regent Giri Prasta also said that the Ministry of Social Affairs would distribute BST to 14,132 Badung families with a nominal value of 300 thousand per household through PT Pos, which will start from Angantaka Abiansemal Village, Tuesday (20/7). “So the Badung residents who have received assistance from the central government, totaling 30,319 families. Now we are giving BLT to 98,830 families, the total number of families in Badung is 129,149 so that all of them get assistance. It is indeed difficult to talk about data but it will be even more difficult to speak without data, for example, we have 46 villages and 16 sub-districts, for example Mengwi Village, how many families have been assisted by the central government, apart from that, we only provide genuine assistance from the Badung APBD, “he explained.

If there are residents who are scattered in the data collection process, residents are welcome to report through the 24-hour complaint post of the Social Service at 081 238000 544 and 085 106924 888. “Don’t forget, there are also people who receive BLT returned and given to those who need it more, I think that’s extraordinary,” he concluded.

Currently the condition of the Covid-19 pandemic has been more than 1 year causing financial conditions to worsen, his party continues to work hard to find financial loopholes for the people of Badung. “Before the pandemic, there was a lot of financial assistance from the Badung Regency Government for the community and it was the government’s commitment to help ease public spending. Right now, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, even though there is little money, hopefully this will be useful for the community and most importantly, the most important thing is that this comes from a holy desire and thought, “he said

One of the residents of Mengwi who received the Emergency PPKM BLT, Made Sedana, thanked the Badung Regent for his attention to the community during the emergency PPKM period. He also invited all citizens to obey and obey government regulations to speed up breaking the chain of the Covid-19 pandemic in the community. (BTN/bud)

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