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Camping at Sermo Reservoir Jogja

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This time, a natural tourist destination in Jogja that you should not miss is the natural scenery of the mountains around the Sermo Reservoir Jogja. The location of this tourist destination is in Central Sremo, Hargowilis, Kokap, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region Province.

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Camping at Sermo Jogja Reservoir

Sermo Jogja Reservoir is a dam which was inaugurated by President Soeharto in 1996 on 20 November. This reservoir dams the Ngrancah River in Hargowilis Village with a reservoir area of ​​approximately 157 hectares.

The purpose of this dam was initially to supplement the irrigation system and use PDAM in the Kulon Progo area. However, at this time, Sermo Reservoir also has facilities as a tourist destination.

In the vicinity of the Sermo Reservoir, there are camp ground for tourist visitors who want to camp around the reservoir. Sermo Jogja Reservoir offers an exotic place. You can use Sermo Reservoir as a place for self-relaxation and relieve temporary fatigue by camping to feel slow life.

The beauty around the Sermo Reservoir provides a comfortable sensation for visitors to feel at home for long around the reservoir.

Camping in the Sermo Reservoir, visitors will get an extraordinary morning view with beautiful cool air. If the weather is sunny, the morning white fog will refract sunlight around the reservoir and a yellowish glow will be reflected in the puddles of the Sermo Reservoir.

This phenomenon will have a calming effect on the body. Coupled with the green grass that grows around the reservoir will add to the natural beauty. The eyes and bodies of visitors will be spoiled by the amazement of the atmosphere in the Sermo Reservoir.

Therefore, camping at the Sermo Reservoir is an attractive option to get rid of the fatigue of daily activities. To complete the comfort of camping, here are tips for camping around the Sermo Reservoir. Prepare the following equipment;

Sermo Kulon Progo Reservoir
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Equipment like Tent

When going to camp at Sermo Jogja Reservoir, the main equipment of course is a tent. Tents help you move to sleep from the room to the outdoors. As a temporary room to shelter at night and to store some of the equipment you bring.

Tents can also be a shelter from the night wind, rain and animals. Make sure the tent capacity is sufficient for your group.

Sleeping Bag must be brought when camping

This tool is very useful to protect you when you sleep from the night wind in the open, especially in the Sermo Jogja Reservoir. In addition, the sleeping bag is able to stabilize your body temperature if you are not used to the cold in the mountains.

If the quality of sleep you want to get satisfaction on vacation or on a trip, then the equipment in the form of a sleeping bag is the equipment that you must bring.


Lighting tools, are small equipment that you must bring. Because camping in the open like the Sermo Jogja Reservoir, requires the help of portable lighting as a light source that will help you stay active and enjoy nature at night. But make sure the power or battery of the lamp that you carry is fully charged.

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Oceans to maintain health

In the open, we recommend you to bring autan. Open natural conditions usually contain insects such as mosquitoes. So as not to interfere with your activities and the quality of your sleep, you really need an autan if you are going camping.

Seeing the natural conditions in the Sermo Jogja Reservoir around stagnant water, the possibility of being disturbed by mosquitoes or other insects is very high.

Folding Knife for anticipation

The last piece of equipment that you must bring when going camping is a folding knife. This equipment has a multipurpose function. This equipment can also help you in certain conditions.

But apart from that, a folding knife is also very practical for you to carry because of its handling to carry. This kit can also help you if you are going to cook, cut rope or peel something.

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Sermo Jogja Reservoir deserves to be a tourist attraction of choice. In addition to camping, you can also visit at any time. This tour is certainly suitable to be enjoyed together. Welcome.

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