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Public Interest Follows High Vaccination, Bali Provincial Government Improves Service System – Bali Travel News

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Regarding the queues and the gathering of many people who took part in vaccinations at the Bali Provincial DPRD wantilan and at the Nari Graha Building, the Regional Secretary of the Bali Province, Dewa Made Indra in a press release, Thursday (15/7) said that this was an indication of the high public interest. to follow the Covid-19 vaccination, as well as an indication of high public awareness to protect themselves from the threat of Covid-19.
“Therefore, I express my gratitude for the public’s awareness to participate in the Covid-19 vaccination,” said the Regional Secretary who is also the Daily Chair of the Bali Province Covid-19 Task Force.
He added that the vaccination services carried out by the Bali Provincial Government in these two places were actually intended to increase/multiply vaccination services and expand public access to vaccinations.
According to him, vaccination services at the Bali Provincial DPRD wantilan and Nari Graha Building have actually been implemented for several months. The presence of the community is usually not too crowded and relatively orderly with queue numbers. He added that in the last few weeks the public attendance for vaccinations at the Bali Provincial DPRD and at the Nari Graha Building had been greatly reduced and even relatively quiet.
“Since the implementation of the Emergency PPKM which requires Domestic Travelers to show a vaccination certificate, then there has been a surge in people taking vaccinations in this place,” he said.
In fact, the Bali Provincial Government does not remain silent about this spike. Sekda Dewa Indra said that he had taken several steps to prevent crowds due to the large number of people who came, namely by adding personnel to the vaccinator team, extending the operating hours of vaccination services, and implementing daily vaccination quotas equipped with registration numbers. However, there is still an increase in the number of people who come to the vaccination site so that there are crowds. “We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience,” he said.
In order to prevent the recurrence of this uncomfortable incident/situation, at the direction of the Governor, his party took the following steps: “The vaccination service at the Bali Provincial DPRD and Nari Graha building is temporarily suspended while we make the vaccination service system more comfortable and convenient. according to health protocols,” he said.
In addition, the bureaucrat from Pemaron Village, Buleleng District said he had coordinated with the Denpasar City Government to continue to open vaccination services in health facilities (clinics, health centers and hospitals), and reactivate banjar-based vaccination services.
“We urge people who have not been vaccinated to come to the nearest health facility. We also ask that health facilities can provide the best service to the community,” he asked. (BTN/ery)

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