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Experience Guide Borobudur Temple Accompanying Obama and the Kings of the World

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Mura Aristina has a special experience as an employee of Borobudur Temple. He is often a tour guide of important world figures, including Barack Obama.

Mura is an employee of the Borobudur Conservation Center (BKB). He was accompanied by a number of state guests who were on a working visit at Borobudur Temple. He explained in detail the reliefs available to state guests, including former US President Barack Obama.

Having been a sweeper at Borobudur Temple, Mura Aristina (39) has been an employee at the Borobudur Conservation Center (BKB) since 2004. Outside office hours at BKB, Mura, who is a member of the Indonesian Tourist Guides Association (HPI), often takes foreign tourists to enjoy sunrise at Borobudur Temple.

In addition, he is also a guide for foreign tourists who vacation at Borobudur Temple on weekends. He acquired foreign language skills by self-taught since he was a janitor.

His penchant for accompanying foreign tourists turned out to be an important provision after becoming a BKB employee. He is often trusted to accompany state guests.

Among them, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Thai Royal Princess Maha Cakri Sirindhorn, and former Singaporean President Tony Tan. Then, there was the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Norway Haakon Magnus to Former United States President Barack Obama, who had accompanied him.

“Back then, when I was still involved (in the beginning) I joined Pak Marsis (formerly the Head of BKB) accompanying Prince Charles. Then, Queen of the Netherlands, I joined a team even though I was not directly involved. Then, Princess Thailand, King of Sweden, Crown Prince of Norway , then the President of Singapore to Obama yesterday. As for the Queen of the Netherlands, I only joined her team. But for the others, I was directly involved,” Mura said to secondsTravel, recently.

Mura said that when Barack Obama visited Borobudur Temple, he was the only Indonesian in the guide team. Even though at that time they were only together for 20 minutes, Mura maximized the opportunity with Obama. He explained in detail at the Borobudur Temple, as well as taking selfies with the former US president.

“At Obama’s time, I was the only Indonesian in the team. The security was extraordinary. Even though at that time Obama was finished as president, the security was extraordinary,” said Mura.

“I told stories but I was not satisfied when I accompanied them because they only had 20 minutes. He said, ‘Go on I am still listening to you. So, you keep telling me, I’m taking pictures. Because I don’t have time’. former President of America, if it could be longer, he would like it longer,” said Mura, who is currently studying at the Faculty of Law, University of Muhammadiyah Magelang (Unimma).

“In my opinion, the most memorable country tour was even from his younger brother, the current King of Thailand. He is a great teacher of Buddhism, his knowledge of Buddhism is extraordinary, his students are thousands,” said Mura.

“And, I have to be his guide. He is a good listener. So, he never reprimanded me. What I said, he took photos and took notes, although I’m sure it was beyond his head. However, he was very friendly when invited to discuss,” said Mura.

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