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The Nusa Dua Improves Health Protocol-Based Regional Governance – Bali Travel News

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The Nusa Dua Tingkatkan Tata Kelola Kawasan Berbasis Protokol Kesehatan

The Nusa Dua tourism area is improving regional governance based on Health Protocols (Prokes) during the Covid-19 pandemic, starting from the arrival of visitors, during activities to leaving the area. This is done to encourage the recovery of tourism and to increase tourist confidence. “We have improved regional governance based on health protocols, so as to provide security and comfort guarantees for visitors who come, live, and have activities in our area,” said Managing Director of The Nusa Dua I Gusti Ngurah Ardita, Wednesday (14/7). .

Improving the governance of tourism areas managed by PT Pembangunan Wisata Indonesia (Persero), Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) includes the preparation of infrastructure as well as the preparation and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in accordance with the guidelines for the implementation of Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE). ) from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia. Infrastructure is prepared to support the implementation of the health program in the form of providing hand washing facilities, health protocol signage, physical distancing markings along with the preparation of body temperature measurement posts at several points in The Nusa Dua area.

Meanwhile, the SOP for the process is arranged in an integrated manner between the area and hotels and facilities within the area, and is applied starting from the arrival gate, during activities in the area, until the visitor leaves the area. “In addition to having received CHSE certification, we have also completed the provision of vaccinations for all tourism workers and communities in the buffer villages of The Nusa Dua area,” he said.

Prokes application for visitors is carried out since arrival in the form of checking identity cards, booking confirmations, or permit letters to be able to enter the area. Then, proceed with checking body temperature at each hotel and facility. Visitors are required to wear masks for all visitors when they are active in the area. ITDC also ensures the implementation of physical distancing in the form of crowd management implementation by limiting the number of visitors at a tourist attraction location to a maximum of 25 people. In addition, the application of Queue and Interaction Management by adjusting the distance of the queue of visitors so as to prevent the accumulation of visitors.

For transactions, the entire area of ​​The Nusa Dua applies a cashless system in the form of using the Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code (QRIS) system, thereby reducing interaction through touch. When leaving the area, visitors will also follow a series of checks in the form of measuring body temperature when checking out at hotels, using masks and checking the number of passengers in vehicles to ensure the implementation of physical distancing. “The Nusa Dua also provides health services with adequate medical personnel from BIMC Siloam Nusa Dua in collaboration with all hotels and facilities in the area to handle tourists both indicated and in emergency conditions exposed to COVID-19. Currently, BIMC Siloam Nusa Dua also provides Covid-19 Drive-Thru and Mobile Services test services specifically for visitors or tourists staying in The Nusa Dua Area,” added Ardita.

All tenants operating in The Nusa Dua area currently have obtained CHSE certification. All workers and the community in the buffer villages have completed the vaccination program. This is an effort to increase the confidence of tourists to visit The Nusa Dua and travel in a safe and certified travel corridor, so that by starting this visit the occupation of the area can be maintained.

The occupancy rate of The Nusa Dua area for the January – June 2021 period was recorded at 7.71%, 5.08%, 9.80%, 9.58%, 10.75% and 19.88%, respectively. Meanwhile, the number of tourist visits to The Nusa Dua in January – June 2021 reached almost 79,000 people and was dominated by domestic tourists with 70,366 people. Domestic tourist visits have increased compared to the previous year’s period which only reached 28,160 people. “We are grateful that the occupancy rate of the area was maintained during the first semester of 2021. The increase in occupancy, especially in June 2021, was driven by the increase in domestic tourist visits and the number of meetings held in the area, both from government and private agencies. We hope that this increase will continue to be maintained along with the increase in tourism activities,” added Ardita.

Until the end of June 2021, there were 17 hotels and villas operating from 20 hotels and villas in the area, with more than 4,600 rooms available out of a total of 5,175 rooms. This number has increased from 2,410 rooms operated by 7 hotel tenants before July 31, 2020. Meanwhile, 7 facilities have been operating from 10 existing facilities in the area. “With the completeness of integrated facilities and strict SOPs in the area, we are optimistic that the occupancy rate of the area will continue to show a positive trend, and we hope that these improvements can contribute to the recovery of Bali tourism,” concluded Ardita. (BTN/bud)

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