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Hopefully Emergency PPKM will not continue – Bali Travel News

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It is very appropriate for the government to implement the Implementation of Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) as an effort to reduce or even eliminate the Covid-19 pandemic from Bali and Indonesia. It’s just, impressed without careful planning. “In principle, I agree with the priority of dealing with the pandemic as a top priority. I feel that the Emergency PPKM for Java – Bali announced by the Central Government is too sudden,” said Regional Director of Operations & General Manager I Nyoman Prabawa, Wednesday (14/7).

Prabawa then gave his reasons, firstly the implementation of Emergency PPKM without being accompanied by social assistance that was quickly distributed to the people, especially those who really needed it. Based on data from the Bali Health Service https://infocorona.baliprov.go.id/ on June 26, 2021, the Bali Provincial Government (Pemprov) issued data stating that Bali has entered the orange zone. He confirmed the trend of active cases during the 7 days at that time was increasing. “This is actually a question mark, why did Bali, which was already an orange zone, suddenly become a red zone? Even that without being accompanied by supporting statistical data. At the time of announcing Bali must undergo Emergency PPKM accompanied by accurate statistical data,” continued Prabawa.

Thus, on July 5, 2021, the Bali Provincial Government issued statistical data regarding the implementation of vaccinations which had reached 77.87% (Phase I) and 25.21% (Phase II) of the total target of 2,996,060 Bali residents. As a layman, Bali as a province that receives the most vaccinations on a national scale, should not easily return to being a red zone (within 10 days since it was declared an orange zone). “Are the patients exposed in Bali a resident of Bali, what are domestic tourists who are in Bali, what are migrants who are in Bali?,” he continued questioningly.

Another reason, on July 10, 2021, the Provincial Government of Bali issued the latest statistics on vaccinations which have reached 85.71% (phase I) and 25.48% (phase II). Personally, he tries to be objective in analyzing the central government’s decision which decided that Bali should be included in the area that implements the Emergency PPKM, in order to protect Bali from being invaded by “carriers”. However, this can be addressed by applying the rule, that domestic tourists are still allowed to enter Bali provided they have been vaccinated twice. “I noted that more than 15 million people throughout Indonesia have received the second vaccination. If 10% of this figure goes to Bali, then the 1.5 million domestic tourists will be able to help drive the wheels of Bali’s economy more or less,” he explained.

Prabawa added that indeed all decisions have risks. However, if the government dares to make a decision to open Bali to domestic and foreign tourists, then all elements or stakeholders must be able to carry out “risks management” itself. “In the world of hospitality, we know what is called “risks management” and “crisis management” where we will be fully committed to keeping Bali disciplined in implementing strict health protocols, as well as helping to educate the general public to be aware and disciplined about the process,” he added .

According to Prabawa, the government seems slow in anticipating the domino effect of the economy during the downturn during this pandemic. Such as; Banks still carry out normal procedures, where creditors still have to pay mortgages for houses, cars and so on, without the slightest tolerance. In fact, most of the hotel workers do not get a salary at all. PLN, PDAM, Telkom also do not issue policies that ease the burden on the lives of most people. Insurance companies also do not issue any policies related to the pandemic. Schools continue to demand fees for tuition, purchase of school equipment and others. Meanwhile, from our side as taxpayers, taxes must still be paid in order to help the government,” he said.

He admitted that he was still following the government’s recommendations and considering social aspects. The hotel he manages does not lay off employees, so he continues to pay BPJS Health and BP Jamsostek contributions. Employees who are laid off without salary, can still enjoy BPJS health services, including their children and wives. “That’s our little contribution to help ease the burden on our employees. Now, since April 2020, we have not received any income and if the Emergency PPKM will be extended, and Bali tourism is not opened as soon as possible, I can state that our hotel will soon go bankrupt, and many hotels in Bali have experienced this,” he complained. . (BTN/bud).

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