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Sandiaga Encourages Regional Collaboration to Develop Halal Tourism

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Menparekraf Sandiaga encourages regional collaboration by developing halal tourism. To create jobs and support economic recovery.

This was conveyed by Sandiaga Uno while attending an online seminar via Zoom with the theme Spiritual International Halal Science Conference 2021, Tuesday (13/7/2021).

“I want to present the development of halal tourism promotion during the Covid-19 pandemic and after the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The Covid-19 pandemic forces us to innovate, adapt, collaborate, with the concept of halal development,” said Sandiaga Uno.

He said that comprehensive development and a unified strategy were needed not only for Indonesia but regionally.

“The development of halal tourism that we are developing here is based on services that already exist but are developed,” added Sandiaga Uno.

He further revealed that halal tourism actors need basic facilities such as halal food, places of worship, and various other supporting facilities.

According to him, Indonesia is very suitable in developing halal tourism programs because of geographical factors and the characteristics of its citizens.

“The difference in resources, Indonesia is the largest and most populous country in Asean, and has the largest Muslim population in the world. There are still many areas in Indonesia that have not developed halal tourism,” said Sandiaga Uno.

He further mentioned efforts to prepare halal tourism such as in Labuan Bajo and Bali. To develop the halal tourism sector, his party is preparing transportation, hotels, and halal food according to certification.

He further mentioned that there was an increase in the expenditure of Muslim tourists, the length of the tour, for that the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy continues to prepare quality halal tourism.

“We have access, communication, environment, and services. These are the 4 criteria that we continue to develop amid the Covid-19 delta variant making the tourism sector stagnate again. We see a rebound, such as in Bali and Borobudur which has increased 4 times before the implementation of Emergency PPKM. We see there is optimism to rise,” said Sandiaga Uno.

According to him, during the last few years there has been a virtual tourism trend. For this reason, halal tourism actors must make sure to adapt by using technology.

“Innovation uses a 360 l approach, big data, adaptation of health protocols, and collaboration. We previously competed with Malaysia, Singapore, or Thailand to attract tourists. But Covid made us collaborate,” continued Sandiaga Uno.

To support halal tourism in Indonesia, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also carries out certification of tour guides and has followed the development of digitalization and information technology.

Said Sandiaga Uno, food tourism innovation, sharia entertainment through applications and virtual platforms as well as sharia e-commerce need to be developed in the future

“The Indonesian Vice President Ma’ruf Amin strongly supports the sharia economy by collaborating with various platforms. For years we have developed this tourism. With the concept of gotong royong, we can seize better opportunities for halal tourism,” concluded Sandiaga Uno.

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